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Micron Automotive LPDDR4 SDRAM

MT53B128M32 - low-power DDR4 SDRAM high-speed CMOS , dynamic random- access memory

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Achieve new levels of energy efficiency while boosting the bandwidth (2X over LPDDR3) of your next-gen automotive application with the first automotive-grade LPDDR4 devices in the industry. Thanks to the ultra fast speeds (up to 3200 Mb/s) of Micron’s LPDDR4 devices, you can bring your automotive infotainment systems to life with up to 4K x 2K resolution and 3D graphics. Or further your advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) with safer driving features like collision avoidance.

With Micron's automotive-grade LPDDR4, you also get the ultra temperature support and high reliability critical to the extreme conditions and long lifecycles of automotive applications.

The Mobile Low-Power DDR4 SDRAM (LPDDR4) is a high-speed CMOS, dynamic random- access memory internally configured with either 1 or 2 channels. Each channel is comprised of 16 DQs and 8 banks.


  • Ultra-low-voltage core and I/O power supplies
    • VDD1 = 1.70–1.95V; 1.8V nominal
    • VDD2/VDDQ = 1.06–1.17V; 1.10V nominal
  • Frequency range
    • 1866–10 MHz (data rate range: 3733–20 Mb/s/pin)
  • 16n prefetch DDR architecture
  • 2-channel partitioned architecture for low RD/WR
  • energy and low average latency
  • 8 internal banks per channel for concurrent operation
  • Single-data-rate CMD/ADR entry
  • Bidirectional/differential data strobe per byte lane
  • Programmable READ and WRITE latencies (RL/WL)
  • Programmable and on-the-fly burst lengths (BL =16, 32)
  • Directed per-bank refresh for concurrent bank operation and ease of command scheduling
  • Up to 12.8 GB/s per die (2 channels × 6.4 GB/s)
  • On-chip temperature sensor to control self refresh rate
  • Partial-array self refresh (PASR)
  • Selectable output drive strength (DS)
  • Clock-stop capability
  • RoHS-compliant, “green” packaging
  • Programmable VSS (ODT) termination


MT53B128M32 - Automotive LPDDR4 SDRAM

Get the ultra high speed, high reliability, and high-temperature support critical to the extreme conditions of your next-gen automotive application.

Microns Automotive-Grade LPDDR4 Component

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