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Microchip PAC1932/3/4

PAC1932/3/4 - Multi-Channel DC Power/Energy Monitor with Accumulator

Microchip PAC1933 teaser image

The PAC1932 and PAC1933 are two- and three-channel DC power/energy monitoring devices. They feature independent voltage and current measurement utilizing 16-bit ADCs that result in true power calculation. All results (power, current, voltage and energy accumulation) are available over I2C or SMBus. The devices also enable energy monitoring with integration periods from 1 ms up to 36 hours or longer. Their sampling rate and energy integration period can be configured. To yield 1% accurate power readings, the PAC1932 and PAC1933 use real time calibration to minimize offset and gain errors. No input filters are required for these devices.


  • 100 mV full scale range for current sense voltage
  • Selectable bidirectional measurement capability
  • External sense resistor sets full scale current range
  • 0 to 32V input common-mode voltage
  • 1% power measurement accuracy over a wide dynamic range
  • On-chip accumulation of 28-bit power results for energy measurement
  • Sampling rates of 8, 64, 256, and 1024 samples per second
  • At least 17 minutes of power accumulation data at 1024 samples per second


  • Accurately measures under 1 mA to 10A without configuration changes
  • Logs measurements for long periods without system intervention
  • Very-low leakage current allows for simpler routing away from sense resistor
  • Multi-channel device helps monitor power/energy level and lowers overall BOM
  • Measures sub-1V to 32V rails, making it flexible for full system use


  • Embedded computing and networking
  • FPGA systems
  • Automotive and industrial equipment
  • Notebook and tablet computing
  • Cloud, linux and server computing

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