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Microchip MGC3140 - 3D Tracking and Gesture Controller

Interaction without distraction - the MGC3140 is one of the first automotive-qualified capacitive gesture controllers.

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The MGC3140 is the world’s first electrical near–field (E-field) 3D gesture controller. Based on Microchip’s patented GestIC® technology, it enables user gesture detection and motion tracking.

GestIC® technology benefits

  • True single-chip gesture solution for embedded usage
  • From 0 (touch) to 20 cm detection range
  • Very low–power design
  • No detection blind spots
  • No ambient influences (light/sound)
  • Usage of thin, low-cost sensing electrodes, e.g. standard PCB
  • Requires no openings in the housing
  • Highest gesture detection reliability
  • Active noise handling
  • 44-100 kHz carrier frequency no RF interference

GestIC technology products

Product Status Proximity detection Output channels Report rate (pps) Power modes
MGC3130 In production Yes 1 200 3
MGC3030 In production Yes 1 200 3
MGC3140 In production Yes 5 200 3

Microchip’s MGC3140 is a 3D gesture and motion tracking controller based on Microchip’s patented GestIC®  technology – suitable for consumer, industrial and automotive applications. It enables robust user interfaces with natural hand and finger movements utilizing the principles of electrical near-field sensing.

Implemented as a low-power mixed-signal configurable controller, the MGC3140 provides a compelling set of smart functional features such as gesture recognition while using adaptive working frequencies for robust performance in noisy environments. Microchip’s on-chip Colibri gesture suite removes the need for host post-processing and reduces system power consumption, resulting in low software development efforts for short time-to-market success.

The MGC3140 represents a unique and high-performance single-chip gesture solution focusing on automotive applications. MGC3140 provides proximity, gesture detection and driver recognition, thus enabling modern and compelling user interfaces to be created. 


MGC3140 Applications

  • Automotive Applications
  • IoT
  • Audio Products
  • Notebooks/Keyboards/PC Peripherals
  • Home Automation
  • White Goods
  • Switches
  • Medical Products
  • Game Controllers


Power Operation Modes

Several Power Operation Modes Including:

  • Processing Mode: 29 mA, typical
  • Deep Sleep: 85 μA, typical

Key Features

  • Automotive Qualification AEC Q100 Grade 1
  • Recognition of 3D Hand Gestures and x, y, z Positional Data
  • Proximity and Touch Sensing

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