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Microchip MCP14A0303/4/5

MCP14A0303 - 3.0A dual MOSFET driver with low threshold input and enable

Microchip MCP14A0303 chip image

The MCP14A0303/4/5 devices are high-speed dual MOSFET drivers that are capable of providing up to 3A of peak current while operating from a single 4.5V to 18V supply. There are three output configurations available: dual inverting (MCP14A0303), dual noninverting (MCP14A0304) and complementary (MCP14A0305). These devices feature low shoot-through current, matched rise and fall times, and short propagation delays, which make them ideal for high switching frequency applications.

The MCP14A0303/4/5 family of devices offer enhanced control with enable functionality. The active-high enable pin can be driven low to drive the outputs of the MCP14A0303/4/5 low, regardless of the status of the input pins. An integrated pull-up resistor allows the user to leave the enable pin floating for standard operation.


  • High-peak output current: 3A (typical)
  • Wide input supply voltage operating range: 4.5 to 18V
  • Low shoot-through/cross-conduction current in output stage
  • High-capacitive load drive capability: 1800 pf in 12 ns (typical)
  • Short delay times: 17 ns (tD1), 21 ns (tD2) (typical)
  • Low supply current: 620 μA (typical)
  • Low-voltage threshold input and enable with hysteresis
  • Latch-up protected: withstands 500 mA reverse current
  • Space-saving packages


  • These devices are highly latch-up resistive. Integrated pull-up resistors allow the user to leave the Enable pins floating for standard operation.
  • The devices can accept up to 500 mA of reverse current being forced back into their outputs without damage or logic upset.
  • All terminals are fully protected against electrostatic discharge (ESD) up to 2 kV (HBM) and 200V (MM).


  • Switch mode power supplies
  • Pulse transformer drive
  • Line drivers
  • Level translator
  • Motor and solenoid drive

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