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Maxim Integrated MAX96705

MAX96705 - 16-Bit GMSL serializer with high-immunity/bandwidth mode and coax/STP cable drive

Maxim Integrated MAX96705 block diagram

Compact 1.6Gbps serializer with crosspoint and CRC protection of video and control data for ADAS applications

The MAX96705 is a compact serializer with features especially suited for automotive camera applications. It is function and pin compatible with the MAX9271. In high-bandwidth mode, the parallel-clock maximum is 116MHz for 12-bit linear or combined HDR data types.

The embedded control channel operates at 9.6kbps to 1Mbps in UART, I²C, and mixed UART/I²C modes, allowing programming of serializer, deserializer, and camera registers independent of video timing.

For driving longer cables, the IC has programmable pre/deemphasis. Programmable spread spectrum is available on the serial output. The serial output meets ISO 10605 and IEC61000-4-2 ESD standards. The core supply range is 1.7V to 1.9V, and the I/O supply range is 1.7V to 3.6V.

Key features 

  • Ideal for Safety Camera Applications
  • High-Speed Data Serialization for Megapixel Cameras
  • Multiple Modes for System Flexibility
  • Reduces EMI and Shielding Requirements
  • Peripheral Features for Camera Power-Up and
  • Verifcation
  • Meets AEC-Q100 Automotive Specifcation


  • Automotive Camera Applications

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