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Maxim Integrated MAX16930/16931

MAX16930/16931 - 2MHz, 36V, dual buck with preboost and 20µA quiescent current

Maxim Integrated MAX16930 & 16931 series sample

Industry's highest performance automotive dual buck controller with preboost enables a space-efficient, crank-ready design

The MAX16930/MAX16931 offer two high-voltage, synchronous step-down controllers and a step-up preboost controller. They operate with an input voltage supply from 2V to 42V with preboost active and can operate in drop-out condition by running at 95% duty cycle. The devices are intended for applications with mid- to high-power requirements that operate at a wide input voltage range such as during automotive cold-crank or engine stop-start conditions.

The MAX16930/MAX16931 step-down controllers operate 180° out-of-phase at frequencies up to 2.2MHz to allow small external components, reduced output ripple, and to guarantee no AM band interference. The switching frequency is resistor adjustable. The FSYNC input programmability enables three frequency modes for optimized performance: forced fixed-frequency operation, skip mode with ultra-low quiescent current (20µA), and synchronization to an external clock. The devices also provide a spread-spectrum option to minimize EMI interference.

The MAX16930/MAX16931 are offered with an asynchronous step-up controller. This preboost circuitry turns on during low input voltage conditions. It is designed to provide power to step-down controller channels with input voltages as low as 2V.

The devices also feature a power-OK monitor and overvoltage and undervoltage lockout. Protection features include cycle-by-cycle current limit and thermal shutdown.

The devices are available in 40-pin TQFN-EP and side-wettable QFND-EP packages and are specified for operation over the -40°C to +125°C automotive temperature range.


  • 40µA IQ in SKIP mode with Ch1 on, Ch2 off
  • Integrated preboost for operation down to 2V
  • Available spread spectrum option
  • Integration and Thermally Enhanced Packages Save Board Space and Cost


  • Meets tight OEM module power consumption requirements
  • Supports the most severe cranking transients
  • EMI reduction feature


  • Navigation Systems
  • Radio Head Units
  • POL Applications for Automotive Power
  • Distributed DC Power Systems

Block diagram

Maxim MAX16930/16931 block diagram

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