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Maxim Integrated MAX11301WING

MAX11301WING - evaluation kit for the MAX11301 PIXI mixed-signal IO

Maxim MAX11301WING evaluation kit image

The MAX11301WING is an expansion board designed to help engineers and students alike to rapidly prototype mixed signal applications using the MAX11301. The form factor is a small 0.9in x 2.0in dual-row header footprint compatible with breadboards, feather boards from Maxim and Adafruit®, and additional expansion boards, also called wings.

Key features

  • Expansion Board
    • 0.9in x 2.0in DIP Form Factor
      • Breadboard Compatible
      • Feather Compatible
    • ±7.5V Split Rail Supply
      • Supports ±5V Output Swings
      • 50mA Limit
      • External Power Supply Selectable
    • All 20 MAX11301 Ports Accessible
    • Connections for External Temperature Sensors
  • MAX11301 Features
    • 20 Configurable Mixed-Signal Ports
      • Up to 20 12-Bit ADC Inputs
      • Up to 20 12-Bit DAC Outputs
      • Up to 20 GPIO
      • Analog Switch Between Adjacent PIXI® Ports
      • Internal/External Temperature Sensors


  • Base-Station RF Power Device Bias Controllers
  • Control for Optical Components
  • Industrial Control and Automation
  • Power-Supply Monitoring
  • System Supervision and Control

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