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Maxim Integrated - Functionally-Safe Infotainment System

Exceptional signal chain, supervisory, and protection ICs

Image of Maxim Functional Safety Infotainment demo

At electronica 2018, we presented Maxim´s supervisory, signal chain, signal conversion and sensor ICs in our functionally-safe infotainment.

The MAX11254 24-bit sigma delta ADC serves as the enabling technology to create a touch screen that allows visitors to navigate three separate demo functionalities essential to creating the future infotainment system.

  • 24-bit Sigma delta architecture precisely detect position and force, enabling multi-touch sensing capability.
  • Internal PGA and calibration protocols ensures accurate measurement down to 0.7nV!
  • Intelligence allows for autonomous sequencing for data collection of multiple sensors.
  • GPIO ground switches enables intelligent power switching of sensors units.

An emulated climate control using the MAX7500 temperature sensors allows the user to set different temperature gradients for the cabin temperature and reacts depending on the achieve temperature gradient between ambient temperature and cabin temperature. 

The entire system uses automotive grade ICs produced by Maxim and is protected using the MAX16141 ideal diode controller

  • Protect against reverse current, over current, over voltage, undervoltage, and over temperature events.
  • Shutdown MOSFETs in a rapid 0.3us (typ) to reverse current events saves bulk capacitance charge to keep your application running longer.  
  • Save power by implementing sleep mode that consumes 10µA (typ) current while supply 400µA load current.
  • Prevent leakage current with the true shutdown topology that consumes only 5µA (typ).

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