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Maxim Integrated – DARWIN

Meet DARWIN - a new breed of MCU, built for the evolving IoT

Maxim Integrated MAX32630FTHR Bird's Eye evaluation board image

Smarter, leaner, tougher. DARWIN is ready for what’s next

DARWIN MCUs are built to run any application you can imagine—in places where you wouldn’t dream of sending other MCUs. They’re as smart as they are power efficient, combining the biggest embedded memories in their class with Maxim’s wearable-grade power technology. Now you can design smarter IoT products, without running out of code space or battery life. And with the most advanced cybersecurity ever, you’ll be ready for anything you encounter.

You can get started right away with the DARWIN development boards from Maxim Integrated. 

An evolutionary leap in ultra-low-power processors

  • Wearable-grade power technology lets you do more with smaller batteries.
    Wake up to more power and performance. DARWIN MCUs give you the lowest active mode and SRAM retention power available.
  • Biggest embedded memories in class enable you to build smarter products.
    Run more stacks and bigger applications with ease. With DARWIN, you never have to worry about running out of code space, processing SRAM, or adding another MCU.
  • Massively scalable memory architecture means you’re ready for what’s next.
    Markets move fast. Now you can too. External memory interfaces let you run code from external flash or access external SRAM, so you can quickly scale application size or meet new market requirements.
  • World’s most advanced embedded security protects your customers and your brand.
    Not a cybersecurity expert? Not a problem. DARWIN uses the same technology we put in government and financial applications to give you the best protection in the world.

Meet the DARWIN family of products

MAX32660 Ultra-small, 256KB Flash, 96KB SRAM
MAX32620, MAX32621 2MB Flash, 256KB SRAM
MAX32625, MAX32626 512KB Flash, 160KB SRAM
MAX32630, MAX32631 2MB Flash, 512KB SRAM
MAX32652 3MB Flash, 1MB SRAM

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