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Macronix OctaFlash series

Macronix OctaFlash series - MX25LM & MX66LM families built on Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and command protocol

Macronix OctaFlash series sample

The new-generation OctaBus is built on Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and command protocol, providing extendable I/O capability. Expanding from current Quad I/O to OctaFlash Memory (8 I/O) will efficiently broaden the Serial NOR Flash throughput. Macronix OctaFlash Memory(8 I/O) also retains the user interface compatible with the ordinary Single I/O Serial NOR Flash, which can sustain users’ experience in using Serial NOR Flash with minimum efforts.

The LM/UM series is an OctaFlash family which dedicates to raising the product performance with the fastest 250MHz frequency, combining with the brand-new Data Transfer Rate (DTR) feature. The data transfer rate has therefore been increased from existing 100MB/s of Quad I/O Serial NOR Flash to 500MB/s, while the read latency has also been lowered immensely. The improved performance will help system in running eXecute In Place (XIP) on OctaFlash with more efficiency and shorten the access time in high density, which accelerates overall system performance.

The LW/UW series is a multiple bank architecture solution based on ultra-high performance OctaBus interface. Which provide Simultaneous Read-While-Write capability that allows read access from one memory bank while writing to another memory bank.

It’s an ideal solution for Over-The-Air (OTA) update applications which are becoming more prevalent within Automotive Cockpit solutions.

Key features

  • Support 3V/1.8V operation voltage
  • Backward compatible with x1 I/O SPI interface
  • Both STR & DTR (Double Transfer Rate) mode support
  • New DTR feature for Read, Program and Erase operation

LM/UM series

  • Up to 250MHz clock frequency with both DTR/STR operation

LW/UW series

  • Multiple bank architecture
  • Support Simultaneous Read while Write operations

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