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Infineon TRENCHSTOP™ Advanced Isolation

Fully isolated TO-247 package with TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT3 for design flexibility, high output power, low cooling effort, high reliability and electrical isolation.

Infineon TRENCHSTOP™ product image

The TRENCHSTOP™ Advanced Isolation represents Infineon´s answer to the limits reached by traditional packaging and isolation techniques. This new isolation package enables the highest power density, the best thermal performance and the lowest cooling effort thanks to an effective and reliable thermal path from chip to the heatsink.

This package concept is able to match the highest requirements in terms of thermal management, design flexibility and ease of handling. By eliminating the need for thermal grease or thermal interface sheets the TRENCHSTOP™ Advanced Isolation is able to deliver at least 35% lower thermal resistivity and at least 10% system cost reduction, helping designers to lower system complexity, shorten development time, and reduce assembling costs.

TRENCHSTOP™ Advanced Isolation represent the cutting-edge technology in isolated packages and eliminates all the boundaries and constraints that until now have limited the designers’ ability to realize more powerful, more compact and highly differentiated systems.


  • Fully Isolated package
    • Plug & play solution
    • 100% isolated
    • Viso: 3.0kV for 1 sec
  • Best-in-class Rth(j–h)
    • 35% lower Rth(j-h) compared to TO-247 with Iso-foil
    • 50% lower Rth(j-h) compared to TO-247Full-Paks
  • Low coupling capacitance
    • 38pF
    • 36% lower than standard Isolation foils
    • 25% lower than MICA
    • Similar to Al2O3
  • 100% package test
    • Uniform distribution of Rth(j-h)


  • Lower assembling costs
    • No need to use isolation material and thermal grease
    • 35% reduction in assembling time compared to standard TO-247 with Iso-foils
  • Improved reliability
    • Increased yield eliminating misalignments of isolation foils
  • Decreased heatsink size or increased power density
    • Up to 10°C lower Tc compared to standard TO-247 with isolation material
    • Up to 20% Iout increase for higher power output
  • Decreased EMI filter size & decreased system costs
  • Improved reliability
    • Complete manufacturing process control
    • Easy paralleling


  • Air-Conditioning
  • Motor Drive
  • UPS
  • Welding
  • Solar

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