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Infineon TLE5014 magnetic sensor

Highest functional safety grading with an easy-to-use concept - ISO 26262

Infineon TLE5014 sensor

TLE5014 magnetic angle sensors meet ISO 26262 ASIL C for the single die and ISO 26262 ASIL D for the dual die versions. Therefore, all products are ready for applications with the highest functional safety requirements. The sensors show an extremely small angle error of less than 1° across the entire temperature profile and lifetime. This is particularly helpful in applications with the need for very accurate position sensing such as steering angle sensing or motor commutation. Further application areas range from rotor position measurement, EPS (Electric Power Steering), pedal position to any other kind of position measurement.

All XENSIVTM TLE5014 angle sensors are available as single and dual die products. The products come pre-configured and pre-calibrated as plug-and-play sensors – and are thus easy to use. Today, customers can choose between the interfaces SENT, PWM and SPC. Infineon will launch additional versions with an SPI interface by the end of this year. On top of those protocol options, the sensors can be adapted to any kind of application setup via their programmable E²PROM interfaces.

Key features

  • Giant Magneto Resistance (GMR)-based principle
  • Two identical dies in one package (providing channel 1 and channel 2 output)
  • Fully redundant 2-channel solution for highest functional safety requirements
  • High voltage and reverse polarity capability
  • EEPROM for storage of configuration (e.g. zero angle) and customer specific ID
  • 12 bit representation of absolute angle value on the output
  • Max. 1° angle error over lifetime and temperature range
  • Developed according to ISO 26262 with process complying to ASIL D
  • Internal safety mechanisms with diagnostic coverage >97% for each channel
  • Interfaces: PWM, SPC, SENT (based on SAE J2716-2010)
  • 32 point look-up table to correct for systematic angle errors (e.g. magnetic circuit)
  • 112 bit customer ID (programmable)
  • Automotive qualified Q100, Grade 1: -40°C to 125°C (ambient temperature)

Target Applications

  • Steering angle sensor
  • Pedal
  • Safety application

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