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Infineon OptiMOS™ 5 150V Power MOSFETs

Infineon OptiMOS™ 5 150V Power MOSFETs - Breakthrough reduction in RDS(on) & reverse recovery charge (Qrr)

Infineon OptiMOS products

The new OptiMOS™ 5 150V power MOSFETs from Infineon are particularly suitable for low voltage drives such as forklift and e-scooter, as well as telecom and solar applications. The new products offer a breakthrough reduction in R DS(on) (up to 25% compared to the next best alternative in SuperSO8) and Q rr without compromising FOM gd and FOM OSS, effectively reducing design effort whilst optimizing system efficiency. Furthermore, the ultra-low reverse recovery charge (lowest Q rr in SuperSO8 = 26nC) increases commutation ruggedness.

The OptiMOS™ 5 150V technology enables smaller best-in-class SuperSO8 (PQFN 5x6) package devices to replace TO-220 alternatives. The switch provides increased power density and lower voltage overshoot (V DS) due to reduced package inductance.

Available in six packages, Infineon’s OptiMOS™ 5 150V power MOSFETs demonstrate not only lower output charge and higher switching frequency, but also ultra-low reverse recovery charge (Q rr). Consequently, the need for paralleling is reduced and end products are made more rugged, leading to overall system cost reduction.

Key features

  • Lower RDS(on) without compromising FOMgd and FOMOSS
  • Lower output charge
  • Ultra-low reverse recovery charge
  • Increased commutation ruggedness
  • Higher switching frequency possible

Key benefits

  • Reduced paralleling
  • Size reduction enabled with SuperSO8 best-in-class
  • Higher power density designs
  • More rugged products
  • System cost reduction
  • Improved EMI behavior


  • Low voltage drives
  • Telecom
  • Solar

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