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Infineon IRPS5401M

Infineon IRPS5401M - PMBus multi-output PMIC for next generation FPGA/SoC from 10 W to 50 W

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The IRPS5401 is an integrated power management IC ideal for tight board space requirements; for example, FPGAs, System On Chip ASICs and multi-core processors containing several voltages that require precision accuracy and voltage sequencing.


  • Multi-output DC/DC with integrated FETs and Sequencer
  • 4 switchers and 1 LDO in one package
    • Output A: 2 A (without), 50 A (with power stage, TDA21240)
    • Output B: 2 A
    • Outputs C,D: 4 A
    • Linear regulator: +/-0.5 A
  • Full PMBus 1.2: 72 command sets, fault Management, telemetry
  • Full power system including 5 integrated outputs 
    • 4A, 4A, 2A and 2A Switching Regulators 
    • 500mA Source/Sink Linear regulator 
  • Single rail operation 5V to 12V 
  • Allows combining outputs and/or the use of an external PowIRstage to increase output current to as high as 50A 
  • Emulated current mode control without external compensation 
  • Differential voltage sensing on Switcher A for higher accuracy 
  • Advanced Sequencing control 
  • Integrated current sensing and full telemetry including voltage, current, temperature and faults 
  • Rated for -40°C to +125°C TJ operation 
  • Pb-Free, RoHS6, 7x7mm, 56-pin, 0.4mm pitch QFN


  • Simplified BOM: Replace many regulators with one PMIC. Scalable Core voltages from 2A to 50A.  Options for low noise SERDES.
  • Design re-use: One design is scalable to cover wide range of FPGAs and ASICs
  • Lower total solution cost: Eliminates external sequencer, Programmable PID compensation, No external components required for PID compensation
  • 35% board area reduction: High level integration and component reduction
  • Telemetry status via digital bus
  • Remote monitoring and update
  • Flexibile sequencing
  • High accuracy/low ripple


  • High density ASIC, FPGA & CPU multi-rail systems 10W to 50W
  • Xilinx Zynq ZU02 to ZU19 Embedded Computing systems and Similar SoC
  • Hardware Acceleration in Communications and Storage systems
  • Video / Audio DSP Processing and Hardware Acceleration
  • Machine Vision, AI, and Machine Learning
  • IoT and Sensor and Camera Applications
  • DSP intensive applications:  Radar/Sonar, Medical Imaging, Signal Conditioning Instrumentation, Chemical Analyzers, Surveying and Complex Site Navigation

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16 Jan 2018 - 30 Sep 2018
Online, on demand

Infineon offers a set of complete power supply reference designs for Xilinx FPGAs & SoCs/MPSoC. Join this webinar to learn how to select the best power device based on the provided tools and software from Xilinx and Infineon | Available on demand


IRPS5401M - multi-output PMIC

The IRPS5401M with integrated sequencer is ideal for tight board space requirements.

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