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Infineon IPM Evaluation Boards

Infineon IPM Evaluation Boards

Samples of Infineon CIPOS™ evaluation boards

Infineon is offering power boards with CIPOS™ Mini, CIPOS™ Nano and CIPOS™ Micro with gate driver based on different power levels requested for the motor drive application. 

The boards enable fast evaluation, prototyping and system design by demonstrating key characteristics and benefits of Infineon CIPOS™ IPMs. 

Combine them with Infineon’s control-boards, like EVAL-M1-1302 or EVAL-M1-099M-C, and you get your motor running in very short time.

Image Board Description
Infineon EVAL-M1-05-65D evaluation board EVAL-M1-05-65D This evaluation board is a complete power stage to drive 3-phase motors, powered by IRSM505-065DA2 CIPOS™ Micro. It can be easily interfaced through the M1 20pin interface connector. In combination with either EVAL-M1-1302 or EVAL-M1-099M it features and demonstrates Infineon’s IPM technology for motor drives up to 250 W.
Infineon CIPOS Eval M1 05F804 EVAL-M1-05F804 This evaluation board is a complete power stage, powered by IRSM005-800MH CIPOS™ Nano with power ratings of 40V/80A. The board is purposed to drive 3-phase motors in low voltage domain up to 200 W. It is equipped with MADK™ M1 20 pin interface connector and can be used with Eval-M1-1302 or Eval-M1-099M-C control boards. In combination with these boards, it is a complete motor control system.
Infineon EVAL-M1-CM610N3 evaluation board EVAL-M1-CM610N3 The evaluation board is a complete power staged, based on IKCM10H60GA CIPOS™ Mini with power ratings of 600V/10A. It is equipped with the M1 20pin interface connector and in combination with control-boards, like EVAL-M1-1302 or EVAL-M1-099M-C, it is purposed to drive 3-phase motors up to 750 W.



The CIPOS™ IPMs are families of highly integrated, compact power modules designed to drive motors in applications ranging from home appliances, to fans, pumps and general purpose drives.

Infineon CIPOS IPM family products

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