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Infineon CIPOS™ Nano

Infineon's CIPOS™ Nano - 3-phase or half-bridge driver with MOSFETs

Sample of Infineon CIPOS™ Nano series

CIPOS™ Nano is a family of highly integrated, ultra-compact, power modules for high efficiency appliance and light industrial applications, including compressor drives for refrigeration, pumps for heating and water circulation, air-conditioning fans, dishwashers, and automation systems. By utilizing an innovative packaging solution, the CIPOS™ Nano family delivers a new benchmark in device size, offering up to a 60 percent smaller footprint than existing 3-phase motor control power IPMs.

CIPOS™ Nano products comprise of a series of fully integrated 3-phase or half-bridge surface-mount motor control circuit solutions. 
The new alternative approach utilizes PCB copper traces to dissipate heat from the module, providing cost savings through a smaller package design and even eliminating the need for an external heat sink.

CIPOS™ Nano packages

Infineon CIPOS Nano packages

Key features

  • Integrated gate driver IC and bootstrap functionality
  • Suitable for sinusoidal or trapezoidal modulation
  • Low RDS(on) Trench FREDFET
  • Under-voltage lockout for all channels
  • Matched propagation delay for all channels
  • Optimized dV/dt for loss and EMI trade off

Key benefits

  • Cost savings from smaller footprint and reduced PCB space
  • Easy implementation of 2 or 3-phase motor drives with half-bridge IPMs
  • Same PCB footprint to address multiple application markets (100 VAC - 230 VAC)


  • Personal care consumer devices
  • Home healthcare devices
  • Home and kitchen small appliances
  • Circulation pumps
  • Fans
  • Drives
Product Pmot (10kHz) [W] Motor Current (Arms) Voltage Class [V] Configuration Package
IRSM836-035MA 70 W 0.30 500 V 3 Phase Open Source PQFN 12x12mm
IRSM836-044MA 60 W 0.25 250 V 3 Phase Open Source PQFN 12x12mm
IRSM808-204MH 205 W 1.00 250 V Half-Bridge PQFN 8x9mm
IRSM005-301MH 165 W 0.80 100 V Half-Bridge PQFN 7x8mm



The CIPOS™ IPMs are families of highly integrated, compact power modules designed to drive motors in applications ranging from home appliances, to fans, pumps and general purpose drives.

Infineon CIPOS IPM family products

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