New Product Introduction

Infineon BTS50020-1TAD & BTS50025-1TAD

BTS50020-1TAD & BTS50025-1TAD - new ultra low ohmic power switches of the smart high-side Power PROFET™ family

Infineon BTS50020 / Power PROFET series image

With a 2.0mΩ / 2.5mΩ (RDS(ON)) single channel, the new Power PROFET™ BTS50020-1TAD and BTS50025-1TAD offer the benchmark current and energy capabilities to drive applications up to 29A / 25A DC (INOM). The products provide protection functions and diagnosis.


  • Ultra-low ohmic smart high-side power switch family with 1.0mΩ/1.5 mΩ/2.0 mΩ/2.5mΩ devices offers 100% pin compatibility
  • High current capability with up to 25/29/33/40A DC (INOM) and 100A inrush current
  • Benchmark energy handling capability:
    • BTS50010-1TAD: EAS = 3000mJ @ 40A / EAR = 460mJ @ 40A
    • BTS50015- 1TAD: EAS = 3000mJ @ 33A / EAR = 550mJ @ 33A
    • BTS50020-1TAD: EAS = 1750mJ @ 29A / EAR = 250mJ @ 29A
    • BTS50025-1TAD: EAS = 1050mJ @ 25A / EAR = 120mJ @ 25A
  • Outstanding protection performance of more than 1,000,000 short circuit cycles (Grade A according to AEC-Q100)
  • Current sense with ±8% Dkilis variation after calibration and fault digital feedback
  • Integrated protection functions and diagnostics
  • Operating voltage range from 8V to 18V
  • 3.3V to VS compatible logic input.
  • Very low leakage current at OUT pin.
  • Electrostatic discharge protection (ESD)
  • Optimized electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Green product (RoHS compliant)
  • AEC qualified


  • Reduce number of components at system level (relay, relay driver, socket, fuses, connectors, free-wheeling diode), significantly decreasing the module size and cost.
  • Enable new mounting locations to address the next generation of (decentralized) power distribution architectures, simplifying the wire harness.
  • Reduce power losses by up to a factor of 7 compared to relay.
  • Increased reliability and lifetime cycle. Resettable device immune to dust, shock and vibrations with no maintenance required.
  • Power management through integrated current sensing and pulse width modulation (PWM) up to 100Hz.


  • Replacement of electromechanical relays, fuses and discrete circuits in power distribution and junction boxes.
  • Drive resistive, inductive and capacitive loads such as heating resistors, filter capacitors, motor, valves and pumps.
  • High current applications such as ECU power feeds, auxiliary power outlets, PTC heaters and rear window heaters.
  • Systems with high switching cycles and high energy requirements such as “start-stop” and electric brake vacuum pumps.
  • General purpose for power distribution and heating applications in the harsh automotive environment such as HVAC blower, glow plug control unit and trailer node.

Block diagram

Infineon BTS50020-1TAD & BTS50025-1TAD block diagram

Application example

Infineon BTS50020-1TAD & BTS50025-1TAD application example

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