New Product Introduction

Infineon - 600V CoolMOS™ P7 SJ MOSFET

600V CoolMOS™ P7 SJ MOSFET in TO-247 4pin with asymmetric leads offers optimum balance between ease-of-use and highest energy efficiency.

Infineon 600 V CoolMOS P7 SJ MOSFET product image

Infineon extends the large portfolio of the 600V CoolMOS™ P7 SJ MOSFET introducing an improved version of the standard TO-247 4pin package. 
The TO-247 4pin with asymmetric leads comes along with 0.54 mm increased creepage distance between the critical leads and enables smoother wave soldering and reduced board yield loss.

The additional connection to the source (Kelvin connection), that is used as a reference potential for the gate driving voltage, eliminates the effect of voltage drops over the source inductance enabling faster switching transients which results in significant efficiency improvement. This allows for higher MOSFET RDS(on) usage and BOM cost savings.

CoolMOS™ P7 is Infineon‘s best balanced technology, with optimized balance of ease-of-use and highest energy efficiency.


600 V CoolMOS™ P7

  • Outstanding commutation ruggedness
  • Optimized balance between efficiency and ease-of-use
  • Significant reduction of switching and conduction losses
  • Excellent ESD robustness >2 kV (HBM) for all products
  • Better RDS(on)/package products compared to competition enabled by a low RDS(on)/ x A (below 1 Ω x mm²)
  • Large portfolio with granular RDS(on) selection qualified for a variety of industrial and consumer grade applications

TO-247 4pin with asymmetric leads

  • 4th pin (Kelvin Source) 
  • Increased creepage distance between high voltage pins 
  • Gate signal optimization 
  • Asymmetric leads increase critical pin distance


600 V CoolMOS™ P7

  • Suitable for hard and soft switching (PFC and LLC)
  • Ease-of-use and fast design-in through low ringing tendency and usage across PFC and PWM stages
  • Simplified thermal management due to low switching and conduction losses
  • Higher manufacturing quality due to >2 kV ESD protection
  • Increased power density solutions enabled by using products with smaller footprint
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications and power ranges

TO-247 4pin with asymmetric leads

  • Reduced parasitic source inductance effects on the gate circuit enabling faster switching and increased efficiency
  • Using benefits of Kelvin Source efficiency allows usage of higher MOSFET RDS(on) and reduction of BOM cost
  • Creepage distance meets 5000 m altitude requirement
  • Easier to design by customer
  • Asymmetric leads enable simplified wave soldering and improved board yield loss​


  • Telecom
  • Server
  • Solar
  • Industrial


TO-247 4pin concept

Infineon CoolMOS 600V P7 SJ MOSFET Diagram