New Product Introduction

GSI Technology Rad-Hard & Rad-Tolerant SRAMs

GSI Technology is excited to introduce several new high performance Radiation-Hardened synchronous SRAMs

GSI Technology Rad-Hard SRAMs sample image

A family of SigmaQuad-II+ products are available in 288Mb, 144Mb, and 72Mb densities, x18 and x36 configurations, On-Die Termination (ODT), and up to 350 MHz performance

A family of SyncBurst & NBT products are available in 144Mb, 72Mb, and 36Mb densities, x18 and x36 configurations, and up to 333 MHz performance

These Rad-Hard/RAD-Tolerant SRAMs are expected to serve as a critical element for advanced systems that leverage leading-edge FPGAs, ADCs, and DACs; but until now lacked the high density, high performance, and power efficiency that our outstanding memory products bring. The initial devices will be qualified to Class-Q and Class-V levels to meet the rigorous requirements of aerospace and defense customers. 

For our satellite and defense customers that have been anxiously awaiting an alternative to current Rad-Hard memory solutions, our Rad-Hard SRAMs leverage our proven commercial technology and architecture with radiation-hardening, creating an efficient, high performance, leading-edge memory at the 40nm technology node.

For less robust applications, GSI now offers SigmaQuad-II+ Radiation-Tolerant SRAMs as well, offered in all the same options/configurations and fully tested to meet “New Space” requirements.

SigmaQuad-II+ features

  • Aerospace-Level Product
  • 2.0 clock Latency with DLL on
  • 1.0 clock Latency with DLL off
  • Optional DLL-controlled output timing
  • Can be operated with DLL on or off
  • Simultaneous Read and Write SigmaQuad™ Interface
  • JEDEC-standard pinout and package
  • Dual Double Data Rate interface
  • Byte Write controls sampled at data-in time
  • Burst of 2 or Burst of 4 Read and Write
  • Dual-Range On-Die Termination (ODT) on Data (D), Byte Write (BW), and Clock (K, K) inputs
  • 1.8 V +100/–100 mV core power supply
  • 1.5 V or 1.8 V HSTL Interface
  • Pipelined read operation
  • Fully coherent read and write pipelines
  • ZQ pin for programmable output drive strength
  • Data Valid Pin (QVLD) Support
  • IEEE 1149.1 JTAG-compliant Boundary Scan
  • RH: 165-bump Ceramic Column Grid Array (CCGA) and 165-bump Land Grid Array (LGA) packages; RT: 165-bump leaded plastic BGA package

SyncBurst & NBT features

  • Aerospace-Level Product
  • Single Cycle Deselect (SCD) operation (SyncBurst)
  • NBT (No Bus Turn Around) functionality allows zero wait read-write-read bus utilization; Fully pin-compatible with both pipelined and flow through NtRAM™, NoBL™ and ZBT™ SRAMs (NBT)
  • 2.5 V or 3.3 V +10%/–10% core power supply
  • 2.5 V or 3.3 V I/O supply
  • User-configurable Pipeline and Flow Through mode
  • LBO pin for Linear or Interleaved Burst mode
  • Internal input resistors on mode pins allow floating mode pins
  • Default to Interleaved Pipeline mode
  • Byte Write (BW) and/or Global Write (GW) operation
  • Internal self-timed write cycle
  • Automatic power-down for portable applications
  • RH:100-pin Ceramic QFP package; RT:100-pin plastic QFP package

Radiation Performance (Rad-Hard)

  • Total Ionizing Dose (TID) > 200krads(Si)
  • Single Event Latchup Immunity > 80 MeV.cm2/mg (100°C)

Radiation Performance (Rad-Tolerant)

  • Total Ionizing Dose (TID) > 50krads(Si)