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Coilcraft XEL4020

XEL4020 - ultra-low loss shielded power inductors

Coilcraft XEL4020 product image

Coilcraft XEL4020 Series high-performance, moulded power inductors offer exceptionally low DC resistance and ultra-low AC losses, greatly improving power converter efficiency at high frequencies (2 to 5+ MHz) and high ripple current. The use of high switching frequencies or high ripple current allows a corresponding lower inductance value, which results in a physically smaller part for the same electrical specs. 

XEL4020 inductors measure just 4.0 mm square with a maximum height of 2.1 mm. They are available in nine inductance values from 0.10 to 2.2 µH, with current ratings up to 28.5 Amps. They offer soft saturation characteristics to withstand high current spikes and have no thermal aging issues. They are also qualified to AEC-Q200 Grade 1 standards (-40° to +125°C ambient) with a maximum part temperature of +165°C, making them suitable for automotive and other harsh-environment applications.

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