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Avnet Time-Sensitive Networking Hardware Evaluation Kit

AES-ZU-TSN-SK-G - An integrated, high-assurance industrial networking platform that meets the latest TSN standards.

Avnet Time-Sensitive Networking Hardware Evaluation Kit image

Available TSN reference design (Coming Soon)

The Industrial Networking TSN Hardware Evaluation Kit (AES-ZU-TSN-SK-G) is built upon a platform consisting of the following off-the-shelf hardware:

  • 2 x Avnet UltraZed board SOM w/ UltraScale+ FPGA    (AES-ZU3EG-1-SOM-I-G)
  • 2 x UltraZed-EG PCIe Carrier Card (AES-ZU-PCIECC-G)
  • 2 x Avnet Networking FMC (AES-FMC-NETW1-G)
  • TSN Subsystem for 100M/1G 3 port Bridged Endpoint or Standalone Endpoint Solution (EF-DI-1GTSN-BRG-EPT-PROJ)

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Avnet Time-Sensitive Networking Diagram


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