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Avnet Multi-Camera FMC Module

The Avnet Multi-Camera FMC module supports up to four (4) high definition camera modules using MAXIM Integrated’ s GMSL (Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link) technology

Avnet Multi-Camera FMC Module product image

GMSL is widely used in the automotive industry for in-vehicle high speed communication of video streams. Making use of low-cost coax cable up to 15 meters in length, GMSL meets the most stringent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements of the automotive industry.

The provided linux-based reference designs support the ON Semiconductor MARS (Modular Automotive Reference System) based camera modules, including the MAXIM Integrated MAX96705 GMSL Serializer board and the ON Semiconductor AR0231AT image sensor board.


  • Low Pin Count (LPC) FMC Module
  • Quad GMSL Deserializer, from MAXIM Integrated (MAX9286)
  • Support for four (4) ON Semiconductor image sensors (AR0231AT)
  • High-Speed FAKRA Mini (HSFM) connectors


  • Video analytics
  • Machine vision
  • Medical imaging
  • Video surveillance
  • Advanced driver assistance systems

Block diagram

Avnet Multi-Camera FMC Module block diagram


Available options


Part number Description
AES-FMC-MULTI-CAM4-G Multi-Camera FMC Module, 4 x 2 Mpixel (FMC module only)

Related parts
Part number Description
AES-FMC-MC4-AR0231AT-G Quad AR02331AT-G Camera FMC Bundle


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Quad AR0231AT Camera FMC Bundle

The Quad AR0231AT Camera FMC Bundle combines the Avnet Multi-Camera FMC module, four AR0231AT camera modules with GMSL serialization and a cable assembly as a complete add-on solution for vision-guided applications.

Quad AR0231AT Camera FMC Bundle

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