Torex Semiconductor was established in Japan in 1995 as a CMOS analogue power management solutions specialist offering power management ICs that provide low current consumption, low operating voltage and ultra miniature packages. For the latest noise sensitive wireless applications, Torex have ultra low EMI Micro DC/DCs (with integrated inductor) and low noise LDO regulators.

For battery powered, power sensitive applications, Torex have solutions that consume as little as 0.5uA in operation and for more high voltage applications, Torex have 36V CMOS LDOs as well as 30V step-down switching regulators.

Voltage supervisors incorporating delay time, manual reset & watchdog functions.



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Torex XDL601/02 provides world's smallest AEC-Q100 qualified 1.5A DC/DC solution. The unique structure offers extremely low levels of radiated noise (EMI) and excellent thermal characteristics.



World's smallest AEC-Q100 qualified, 36V synchronous buck DC/DC converter. Ultra-low IQ, extremely small-value coil and minimised external component count provide an ideal solution for automotive applications.

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Further information

Switching regulators

  • Ultra small, low EMI, 6V, ~2A synchronous step down Micro
    DC/DC with Integrated Inductor
  • Synchronous step down up to
    6MHz, 1.5A ultra low ripple voltage (<10mV) & >90% efficiency
  • Ultra low power (6.3uA)
    synchronous step-up solutions<br> from as low
    as 0.9V for single cell applications
  • Up to 30V, 3A step down controllers with choices of switching frequency<br> up to 550kHz

Linear LDO regulators

  • Low supply current (only 0.6uA in operation) CMOS LDO
    regulators with chip enable pin for power sensitive
  • High speed, low noise single & dual CMOS LDOs up to 36V input for
    noise sensitive applications
  • Ultra low power (6.3uA)
    synchronous step-up solutions
    from as low
    as 0.9V for single cell applications
  • Ultra low drop LDO regulators with
    20mV Vdrop @ 100mA with output currents up to 1A