Silicon Labs is the leader in energy-friendly solutions for a smarter, more connected world. For nearly 20 years, Silicon Labs has created the silicon, software and tools that enable the world’s leading engineers to develop products that transform industries and improve lives. Silicon Labs' innovative products, tools and technologies empower our customers to work smarter and make the world a more connected and energy-friendly place. From MCUs, wireless SoCs and sensors for the IoT to advanced timing and power management chips for Internet infrastructure and industrial automation, Silicon Labs’ solutions provide customers with significant advantages in performance, energy efficiency, connectivity and design simplicity. Silicon Labs is passionate about enabling breakthrough innovation and accelerating customers’ time-to-market.

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Blue Gecko BGM121

BGM121 is targeted for applications where ultra-small size, reliable high performance RF, low-power consumption and easy application development are key requirements.

Silicon Labs

Si8920 Current Sense Amplifier

The Si8920 is a galvanically isolated analog amplifier, which solves challenges of energy consumption and battery life for the world's harshest conditions.

Prod Silicon Labs EFM8 Laserbee (BN)

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Silicon Labs

EFM8™ Laser Bee MCUs

Silicon Labs' EFM8™ Laser Bee 8-bit MCUs deliver the highest analog performance and peripheral integration in the 8-bit market.

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The Flex Gecko family of wireless solutions combines an energy-friendly MCU with a highly integrated radio transceiver supporting 2.4 GHz proprietary wireless protocols.