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Renesas Electronics is the number one supplier of flash microcontrollers (MCU)world-wide and a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions including microcontrollers plus a broad range of power MOSFET and analog IC devices. Renesas’ operations span research, development, design and manufacturing for a wide range of applications for automotive, industrial and digital home electronics markets.


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Renesas Featured Products (LC)

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Featured products


Synergy™ Platform

The Renesas Synergy Platform is easy-to-use, designed to accelerate time to market and reduce total cost of ownership.


RX65N & RX651 Groups

RX65N and RX651 Groups are new mainstream RX microcontrollers with RXv2 core, large-capacity RAM, and enhanced security, connectivity, and HMI.

Prod Renesas RX71M Revelation Kit (RM)

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RX71M Revelation Kit

Revelation Kit hardware includes an RX71M MCU with 4MB Flash and 552kB RAM and a QVGA TFT LCD with touch screen, allowing the user to implement a simple, highly-integrated HMI (Human Machine Interface) solution on a single chip microcontroller.


Flow It! Solution Kit

Renesas’ Rotational Flow Demonstration Kit is based upon the RL78/I1D, an ultra-low power 16-bit MCU.

Prod Renesas Synergy S5D9 (RM)

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Synergy S5D9

Renesas Synergy™ S5 Series MCUs cover many different embedded system requirements leaving room to grow as needed.

MCU selector

The Renesas MCU product selector app allows you to conveniently search & share a wide range of its microcontroller products.

Renesas Video H-Bridge Kit (html)

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Presenting the H-Bridge Kit 2Go

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Renesas Academy

Comprehensive on-demand training on Renesas products

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Spot Supply Chain Solutions (GBD)

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Supply Chain Solutions

Our industry-recognised supply chain experts can help you assess your supply chain health and manage future expansion.

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