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ON Semiconductor is a preferred supplier of high performance silicon solutions to customers in the computing, communications, consumer, automotive, medical, industrial, and military/aerospace markets. The company’s broad portfolio includes power management, signal, logic, discrete, and custom devices. ON Semiconductor operates a network of manufacturing facilities, sales offices and design centers in key markets throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions.

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ON Semi Image Sensors 2017 (mm)

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Now you see me!

Sensing in low light conditions

See the formerly unseen with ON Semiconductor's image sensors equipped with technologies which enhance the sensor’s ability to capture images under challenging light conditions:

Learn about the technologies implemented in ON Semiconductor's image sensor portfolio in our on-demand webinar. Click here to register & watch.

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ON Semi Image Sensors 2016 (mm)

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Capture the formerly unseen

ON Semiconductor’s ultra-light sensitive and high-speed image sensors enable your products to provide unmatched imaging solutions.

Digital photography, machine vision, barcode scanning or security and medical imaging – it’s all about the love of detail. ON Semiconductor offers high-end application-specific CMOS image sensors that empower customers to create unique products with state-of-the-art performance.

ON Semiconductor’s extensive portfolio of CCD and CMOS image sensors – with varied pixel sizes, optical formats, sensitivity, dynamic range, and more – allows an optimal solution to be found for your imaging problem. And with many devices sharing a common architecture, a single camera design can frequently be leveraged to support multiple end products, speeding your time to market. Letting your customers take their vision to the next level.

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ON Semiconductor (formerly Fairchild) is a leader in the design and production of optoelectronics devices:

  • FOD8832 - an advanced 2.5 A output current IGBT drive optocoupler capable of driving medium-power IGBTs with ratings up to 1,200 V and 150 A.
  • FOD3120 - a 2.5 A output current gate drive optocoupler, capable of driving most medium power IGBT/MOSFET.
  • FOD3150 - a 1.0A output current gate drive optocoupler, capable of driving most 800V/20A IGBT/MOSFET.
  • FOD8342 - a 3.0 A output current gate drive optocoupler, capable of driving medium-power IGBT/MOSFETs.

ON Semiconductor's high performance optocouplers offer superior noise immunity due to our proprietary coplanar packaging technology, Optoplanar®.

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Featured products

Prod ON Semi SuperFET III MOSFET Family (RM)

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ON Semiconductor | Fairchild


Better Efficiency, EMI and Ruggedness Make SuperFET III MOSFETs Ideal for High Performance Products with Demanding Robustness and Reliability Requirements​

Prod ON Semi FCH023N65S3L4 (RM)

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ON Semiconductor | Fairchild

FCH023N65S3L4 - N-Channel SuperFET

SuperFET® III MOSFET is ON Semiconductor’s brandnew high voltage super-junction (SJ) MOSFET family that is utilizingcharge balance technology for outstanding low on-resistance and lower gate charge performance.

ON Semiconductor

IoT Development Kit

ON Semiconductor's highly flexible IoT Development Kit provides solutions for easier design and accelerates time to market.

Prod ON Semi FFSH15120ADN (RM)

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ON Semiconductor | Fairchild

FFSH15120ADN - Schottky Diode

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Schottky Diodes use a completely new technology that provides superior switching performance and higher reliability compared to Silicon.

ON Semiconductor


The FAN7688 is an advanced Pulse Frequency Modulated (PFM) controller for LLC resonant converters with Synchronous Rectification (SR) that offers best in class efficiency for isolated DC/DC converters.

ON Semi FAN7688 product image

Prod ON Semi FGA40T65UQDF (RM)

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ON Semiconductor | Fairchild


Using novel field stop IGBT technology, Fairchild’s new series of field stop 4th generation IGBTs offer superior conduction and switching performance and easy parallel operation.

Prod ON Semiconductor LC717A30UJ (RM)

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ON Semiconductor


LC717A30UJ is a high performance, low cost, and highly usable capacitance converter for electrostatic capacitive touch, proximity sensors and liquid level sensing.

Prod ON Semi Ultra Field Stop (RM)

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ON Semiconductor

Ultra Field Stop IGBT

The new proprietary Ultra Field Stop technology along with the optimized fast recovery diodes offers a perfect balance between VCEsat and ETS, resulting in reduced switching losses and enhanced power efficiency.

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ON Semi Green Point Design Tool (GBL)

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ON Semiconductor

Greenpoint Design Tool

Circuit simulation and product analysis, with download of results.

ON Semi Fairchild Teaser (GBL)

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ON Semiconductor

Strong connection

A new powerhouse is born. ON Semiconductor’s extensive low voltage portfolio is now joined with Fairchild Semiconductor’s broad range of medium and high voltage products.

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Spot Supply Chain Solutions (GBD)

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Supply Chain Solutions

Our industry-recognised supply chain experts can help you assess your supply chain health and manage future expansion.

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