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Infineon Technologies AG offers semiconductor and system solutions addressing three central challenges to modern society: energy efficiency, mobility, and security. Infineon’s four divisions – Automotive, Industrial Power Control, Power Management & Multimarket, and Chip Card & Security – focus on a wide range of semiconductor solutions, microcontrollers, LED drivers, sensors, and automotive and power management ICs.

Infineon Featured Products (LC)

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This sensor is specially designed to provide an easy-to-use, robust and cost-effective solution for vehicle or industrial speed sensing applications.

Prod Infineon Trusted PMOD Platform (RM)

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Trusted Platform PMOD

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Security Peripheral Module (Pmod) for Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoCs enables a root of trust for platform integrity, remote attestation, and cryptographic services as required by Industrial IoT Applications.

Prod Infineon CoolSiC MOSFET (RM)

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Infineon CoolSiC™ MOSFET

As next step towards an energy smart world, Infineon recommends the recently launched CoolSiC™ MOSFET technology that enables radically new product designs and never before seen levels of efficiency and reliability become now possible.

Product image for Infineon's CoolSiC™ MOSFET



TLS115xx is a monolithic integrated low-dropout voltage tracking regulator with high accuracy in small DSO-8 exposed pad and TSON-10 packages. The IC is designed to supply off-board systems under the severe conditions of automotive applications.


DPS310 - Air Pressure Sensor

DPS310 is a digital barometric air pressure sensor featuring an ultra-high resolution, high accuracy, low energy consumption and miniature size.

Prod Infineon OPTIGA TRUST Series (RM)

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Securing Your Embedded Project: OPTIGA™ family

Infineon’s OPTIGA™ family consists of products and solutions for securing embedded systems. All products are based on secured hardware and software.

Prod Infineon TLE493D-A1B6 (RM)

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The new automotive-qualified 3D magnetic sensor TLE493D-A1B6 offers accurate three-dimensional sensing with extremely low power consumption in a small TSOP-6-pin package.

Prod Infineon DC motor controls for Arduino (RM)

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DC Motor Controls for Arduino

Integrated motor drives solutions like Infineon’s half-bridge NovalithIC™ BTN8982, the latest product innovation, the 12-fold multi half-bridge TLE94112EL, or the full-bridge IFX9201 increase the robustness and reliability of systems.

Infineon DC motor controls for Arduino

Prod Infineon Industrial Robotics (RM)

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Motor control solutions for industrial robotics

Discover Infineon’s highly integrated solutions for industrial and collaborative robotics equipped with superior motor control enabling the most compact and efficient drive designs in the industry.

Collection of components which can be implemented in industrial robotics

Prod Infineon BLDC fan motor drive (RM)

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BLDC fan motor drive

The BLDC motor shows advantages of higher efficiency, smaller motor size, lighter weight, longer lifetime, no maintenance and no sparking.

Prod Infineon Sensor Solutions (RM)

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Innovative sensor solutions

New capacitive sensor technologies are enabling engineers to create accurate, miniaturized devices that satisfy demanding energy constraints and address reliability challenges. Infineon’s broad range of sensor products meets these challenges.

Prod Infineon OptiMOS 5 150V (RM)

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OptiMOS™ 5 150V

The new OptiMOS™ 5 150V power MOSFETs from Infineon are particularly suitable for low voltage drives such as forklift and e-scooter, as well as telecom and solar applications.

Infineon OptiMOS 5 150V product samples

Infineon & Weinzierl

KNX Stack for Infineon XMC

With the new KNX Stack NGS Weinzierl offers a fully certified platform to develop bus devices in a very effective manner.

Prod Infineon PMBus SupIRBuck (RM)

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PMBus SupIRBuck™

The PMBus SupIRBuck™ is an easy-to-use, fully integrated and highly efficient DC-DC regulator with I2C/PMBus interface.

Prod Infineon 600V CoolMOS P7 (RM)

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600V/700V/800V CoolMOS™ P7

The 700V and 800V CoolMOS™ P7 product families have been developed for flyback based low power SMPS applications including adapter and charger, lighting, audio SMPS, AUX and industrial power.

Prod Infineon BTS50020-1TAD (RM)

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BTS50020-1TAD & BTS50025-1TAD

BTS50020-1TAD and BTS50025-1TAD are new ultra low ohmic power switches of the smart high-side Power PROFET™ family

Infineon BTS50020-1TAD & BTS50025-1TAD samples

Infineon Further Information (LC)

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