Echelon Corporation is the world's leading open-standard energy control networking company, with more than 100 million devices shipped. With more than 20 years of experience in energy control, Echelon delivers a wide range of innovative solutions to commercial and electric utility customers.

The company services the utility and commercial markets with products ranging from embedded components for OEM manufacturers to complete smart metering infrastructures including smart meters, data concentrators and system software. Echelon has vertical market segments that include Building Automation and Energy Management; Managed Street Lighting Systems; Smart Metering/Smart Grid; and Renewable Energy.

Echelon is the inventor of the LonWorks® control networking platform that has been adopted by many of the world’s leading control and automation companies.

Echelon Featured Products (LC)

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Prod Echelon IzoT Platform (VS)

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IzoT™ Platform

The IzoT™ Platform is an IP-enabled family of chips, stacks, interfaces, and management software that enables the development of devices, for the Industrial Internet of Things.


Neuron 6050 Processor

The Neuron 6050 IP Processor incorporates communication and control functions on a single chip, in both hardware and firmware.