Coilcraft is a leading global supplier of magnetic components including high performance RF chip inductors, power magnetics and filters. In addition to a large selection of standard components, Coilcraft also designs and builds custom magnetics to fit a customer’s exact electrical requirements. Buyers consider Coilcraft a preferred supplier because of their reputation for quality, reliable delivery, engineering support and the superior performance of their products.

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Coilcraft Featured Products (LC)

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Featured products

Prod Coilcraft XAL40xx (download)

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XAL40xx Series

XAL40xx are high current shielded power inductors with Excellent current handling – up to 18.7 A., and Exceptionally low DCR – only 5.81 mΩ.

Prod Coilcraft LPS4012 (download)

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LPS4012 Series

LPS4012 are low profile shielded power inductors which handle current up to 5.6 Amps and are Available in 30 inductance values from 0.33 µH to 2.2 mH.

Prod Coilcraft XAL50xx (download)

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XAL50xx Series

XAL50xx are high current shielded power inductors with an inductance rage of 0.16 µH – 22 µH and Soft saturation.



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