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Environmental Sustainability

Avnet's green vision

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The technology we help our partners create enables many possibilities that make the world smarter and safer, but for us, protecting our planet’s environment has to come first. Sustainability is a big part of the “what” we’re reaching for each and every day.

We are committed to to managing our carbon footprint and our impact on every community where we do business. That means holding ourselves – and our partners – to the highest standards. We encourage manufacturers to make environmental information available on their websites and partner closely with suppliers to provide customers with all the proper information/declarations available from related manufacturers.

Environmental protection


We strive to use environmentally friendly methods for consumption and disposal of materials when performing our services.

Continual improvement

Through a process of continuous improvement in all business areas we will constantly increase the environmental compatibility of our services. The compliance of the legal provisions is standard.


Environmental protection is a leadership responsibility. We support the creativity of our employees by informing, educating and motivating them so that they can deal competently and responsibly with the interpretation of the environmental guidelines. 


The attainment of our environmental goals within the framework of the environmental management system will be regularly checked and the progress documented.


We encourage the environmental awareness of the society and seek open and factual dialog with the public. To this we inform our customers, suppliers and media about the environmental protection and also declare co-operation with authorities, associations and other institutions in these matters.

Avnet's green charter

1. Avnet incorporates its business principles and processes efforts to maintain and improve the environment through careful use of resources, avoidance of waste and responsible conduct in all environmental issues.

2 .Avnet will comply with all environmental laws and regulations as well as the requirements of customers and other business partners. Avnet will support business partners in achieving their regulatory objectives.

3. Avnet will establish ecologically responsible conduct as an integral element of its management review process and will define corporate goals for environmental protection.

4. Avnet will implement a documentation process for all environmental issues (related to its business activities) which facilitates reviews and audits whenever required.

5. Avnet will seek preferred partner status with suppliers and customers, based on its environmental strategy.

6. Avnet will include all employees and other major stakeholders in regular communication regarding its environmental efforts.

EU REACH Compliance

REACH statement

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EU RoHS Compliance

RoHS Statement


Conflict Minerals

As a distributor of electronic components and embedded technology, Avnet Silica promotes the traceability of these minerals and the transparency of the supply chain.

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