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Date Published Press Release
2019/01/29 Avnet Silica to feature leading-edge AI and IoT technologies at embedded world 2019 (PDF)
2019/01/21 Quectel Modules Now Qualified for Deployment in Avnet eUICC Solution for Industrial IoT (PDF)
2018/11/29 Avnet Silica to demonstrate its advanced TSN, AI and embedded vision capabilities for industrial automation applications at SPS IPC Drives 2018 (PDF)
2018/11/21 Avnet Silica - Advanced Change Notification for AVS ACN (PDF)
2018/10/10 Avnet Silica and Farnell element14 to attend UK Engineering Design Show (PDF)
2018/16/10 Avnet Silica to Showcase the Connected and Smart Future at electronica 2018 (PDF)
2018/09/11 Avnet Silica Wins Distributor of the Year Award from Nordic Semiconductor (PDF)
2018/07/03 Avnet Silica extends its wireless technology portfolio with Digi International (PDF)
2018/06/06 Avnet Silica Garners ‘Distributor of the Year 2017’ from ON Semiconductor (ZIP)
2018/02/27 Avnet Silica and Arkessa Accelerate IoT Application Deployment for OEMs and Enterprises Providing Cellular Connectivity Services (ZIP)
2018/02/21 Avnet Silica Launches NB-IoT Arduino Shield Enabling Next Generation Low Power WAN Connectivity (ZIP)
2018/01/31 Avnet Silica demonstrating extensive range of products, technologies and knowhow across key application sectors at Embedded World 2018 (ZIP)
2018/01/18 Avnet Silica Opens Registration for European MiniZed SpeedWay Design Workshop Series (PDF)
2017/12/11 Avnet Silica to Offer TrackNet’s Edge-to-Enterprise Platform for LoRaWAN Based IoT Application Development (PDF)
2017/09/19 Avnet Silica presented with Design Win Growth award by Finisar (PDF)
2017/07/04 Avnet Silica announces EtherCAT starter kit for industrial Ethernet development (ZIP)
2017/06/26 Avnet Silica Introduces Cost-Optimized MiniZed Platform for Embedded Vision and Industrial IoT Systems (ZIP)
2017/05/11 Avnet Silica Signs Franchise Agreement with ISSI (PDF)
2017/05/02 Avnet Silica introduces KNX communication stack for XMC microcontrollers for home and building automation systems (ZIP)
2017/03/08 Avnet Silica launches IoT sensor-node board based on ST and ARM technology for smart sensing and cloud applications (ZIP)
2017/02/24 Avnet Silica and Trusted Objects to introduce a family of secure elements for securing LoRaWAN™ battery-powered sensors and actuators (PDF)
2017/02/21 New Era of End-to End Security Assured by Avnet Silica’s Game-Changing IoT Reference Design (ZIP)
2017/02/08 Avnet Silica Joins LoRa Alliance to further Internet of Things Application Development​ (ZIP)
2017/01/10 Fairchild parts available as part of ON Semiconductor range at Avnet Silica (ZIP)
2016/10/27 Avnet Silica unveils expertise and system solutions for embedded vision applications​ (ZIP)
2016/09/28 Avnet Silica Gets Visible at electronica (ZIP)
2016/08/29 Avnet Silica Signs Distribution Agreement with Dialog Semiconductor (PDF)
2016/07/21 Avnet Silica develops partnerships to provide full range of edge-to-enterprise IOT connectivity solutions (PDF)
2016/07/14 Atmel parts available as part of full Microchip product range at Avnet Silica (PDF)

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