• Celebrating women in hardware

    Only 6% of hardware pros are women, and that's not enough. Hackster.io and Adafruit's
    newest initiative is dedicated to helping women in the hardware industry succeed.

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    Smart Building Automation

    More intelligence. Shorter development cycles.
    Today’s smart homes and factories need Avnet’s KNX Stack.

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    This is further

    What if a street light could help save a life?
    See how Ubicquia is making cities smarter, with help from Avnet.

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    Go-to-market vision

    Braster is helping women to detect breast cancer earlier.
    Avnet helped them find just the right embedded camera for the job.

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    A footprint on five continents

    Guiding you through the entire product lifecycle means we offer first-class distribution,
    logistics and post-sales support in every region you do business.

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Infineon robotics components

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Featured Product: Avnet EtherCAT Slave Starter Kit

The EtherCAT® Starter Kit - developed by Avnet Silica - is based on the Microchip LAN9252 EtherCAT slave controller. This easy-to-use kit has a Pmod™ and Arduino compatible interface, as well as a header with all I/Os of the LAN9252, which allows the direct connection to MCU starter kits from many suppliers for fast prototyping. Be quick and register for a free kit!

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AVS Feature Story - Security TechDays

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IoT Security TechDays

Bridging the gap between low-power embedded and IT security

In the past 15 years, enterprise Information Technology (IT) architects have successfully upgraded their security schemes from an all-wired world based on desktop computers to all-wireless-mobile laptop and smartphone fleets without compromising on security and even improving it. A similar evolution is happening now: beyond laptops and smartphones, industries are looking to connect many devices, machines and objects to application servers through private and public networks.

Simplify your IoT Security and join Avnet Silica’s free Techdays Seminar Series to learn what kind of security an IT director expects, everything about end-to-end security and secure elements and how to protect your brand against low-cost competition. Upcoming Seminar dates and venues are: UK in September and France in November.

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