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Streamlining product development

Our versatile approach to product development can start with a blank sheet of paper or at any stage that you need design and development assistance. We follow through to the product’s end of life, as needed, helping with support, updates, certifications, patches, or whatever is required to boost profitability and extend your market reach. We specialize in:

  • Embedded solutions: Design and integration for embedded solutions includes full embedded systems, embedded circuit boards, and display units, individual, or as part of a larger solution.
  • Data center solutions: For software companies, we provide hardware and service expertise to bring appliances to market globally.

Avnet Integrated Solutions offers complete hardware and software integration to build the optimal solution that fulfills your all of your requirements. Depending on your needs, our solutions can be:

  • Off-the-shelf: We’ll help you select the right technologies to build your solution quickly and effectively. Components are shipped to the destination of your choice and arrive right when you need them.
  • Modified off-the-shelf: To provide maximum operational efficiencies for your organization, we can design and build the solution on your behalf. This includes assembly, configuration, testing and support until the solution is ready for market.
  • Custom: When no existing technology components or systems meet your requirements, we’ll collaborate with you to build a custom solution that maps to your market goals. We specialize in designing and building custom solutions that meet rigorous design specifications, including ruggedized equipment with long lifecycles.

When the development stage is complete and your solution is ready for release, we work with you on production and manufacturing. We’ve structured our capabilities so that our flexibility is your business advantage. We provide the necessary engineering labs, tools, and processes so that you can focus on building market-ready products.

Deploying products efficiently

With a global footprint and resources for manufacturing and integration widely available, we can work with you on establishing a business model to achieve maximum efficiency and success. We can meet your inventory, logistics, and supply chain needs cost effectively, bringing your business goals such as profitability and performance within reach without adding complexity or overhead. We manage the flow and delivery of products across the world, drawing on an extensive network of business and technology partners.

Hardware concerns and expenses can add unnecessary costs, time, and effort to a solution release—especially if software is your primary focus. Our Virtual OEM program helps software companies gain financial advantages of application sales while simultaneously obtaining the benefits of delivering a plug-n-play appliance solution. The result is faster time-to-revenue, lower support costs and enhanced customer experiences.

The result is faster time-to-revenue, lower support costs and enhanced customer experiences. Through this program, you can deliver a complete solution to your end user or reseller, packaged with software licenses, operation manuals and custom branding. For more details, access this Acrobat document.

To speed entry into new markets, we can help you address regulatory requirements, certification issues, import/export processes, and other obstacles typically encountered when dealing with specific geographies. Extend your market reach and find new customers without having to struggle with the complexities of regional trade requirements and processes. We’ll even develop a custom advance exchange program for you, so when failures occur in the field your customers receive a working replacement within a desired timeframe anywhere in the world.

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Delivering product support through end of life

Once you have become established in a new region, we can connect you with our network of service experts who cover:

  • Finished goods inventory programs
  • Field installation
  • Technical assistance
  • Advance exchange programs
  • Repair and refurbishment programs

Efficient operation in a global market is a hallmark of success in today’s modern business world. Our extensive network of resources enables you to reach new customers and prospects that you couldn’t alone—helping you accomplish your company goals and raise your stature in the industry. What’s more, you’ll continue to deliver stellar customer service without adding complexity to your business or financial model.

Tapping into a worldwide presence

As our customer, you can leverage our tools, processes, facilities, and engineering expertise—resources that extend through the world. Whatever region or market you are targeting, we simplify and accelerate the process of getting your intellectual property to market. You’ll gain efficiencies and cost reductions by taking advantage of our owned worldwide design and manufacturing centers of excellence.

The logistics and supply chain issues businesses can encounter globally can also be crippling. We remove the obstacles from managing technology supply chains, lifecycles and delivering products worldwide, as well as removing the need for you to deal with the full range of support issues.

Our guidance includes regulatory expertise and certification acceleration in different regions. We’ll manage your necessary certifications country-by-country, so you don’t need to become an expert in international trade to market your solution globally.

Remove the complexity and costs of delivering solutions or services for the data center or embedded computing systems with our unparalleled combination of capabilities. With fewer constraints, you can focus on strengthening your business, conceptualizing new products and creating new channels of revenue.

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How our approach helps you

Our end-to-end support for a new product introduction can take you rapidly through the design process, prototyping, and productization of a solution. Our approach lets us share with you insights into the strategic road maps of the leading suppliers of high-tech components, using these insights to optimize product designs.

We adapt to your needs based on the nature of the project. Anything from the simple to the complex is covered: from integrating a software application into a hardware platform to delivering full program management for an innovative solution release.

Capitalize on new opportunities in diverse markets around the world, taking advantage of our extensive network of resources and partners. Ultimately, we relieve you of those development tasks that we can perform more efficiently and let you focus more directly on improving your business and brand.

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