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Medical advances increasingly rely on new diagnostic devices and medical treatment equipment that incorporates the latest technologies. Further innovations can improve patient care, perform detailed imaging more rapidly, enhance treatment methods and facilitate doctor/patient communication.

Opportunities abound in the medical and healthcare sector for diagnostic tools that achieve better results, monitoring equipment for patients that improve caregiving and machines for disease treatment that are more effective than earlier generations.
Avnet Integrated Solutions adds significant value to the development process by understanding the criteria and requirements that apply to medical equipment used in hospitals and care facilities. Medical equipment should have a long life to avoid recertification and maximize return on investment. The use of touchscreens in medical environments is very important, as is display visibility and functionality in medical settings. The human-machine interface needs to be carefully designed often with medical-grade technology to analyze images, touch screens that can withstand spills and fluids, while being responsive to operators wearing gloves.

Telemedicine and remote care management have become increasingly important to track patient care and improve treatment modalities when frequent patient visits to a care facility are difficult. Many different types of devices are being developed to add to the efficiency and utility of these kinds of healthcare options.
Avnet Integrated Solutions helps you find the right technologies, develop a viable human-machine interface, build a medical device system equipped for the operational environment, handle worldwide shipping, manage logistics, meet regulatory requirements and more.

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Application examples

Wearable patient monitoring systems give patients in hospitals or care units more freedom to move about, triggering alerts if necessary and relaying data to wherever it is needed. Emerging surgical techniques for cataracts and other eye surgery use advanced vision systems to provide precise feedback, granular control over the surgical process and improved patient outcomes. A handheld ultrasound scanner features wireless communications and a wide range of field applications. An innovative finger cuff captures key vital signs of patients and communicates the information by smartphone to health caregivers.

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