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An automated welding equipment provider improved the efficiency of its supply and manufacturing lifecycle using a solution from Avnet, with technologies from Advantech – leveraging Intel® processors. As a result, quality is up, costs are down and operations are smoother than ever.

The challenges of delivering predictability at a lightning pace

Production lines depend on equipment that is virtually unstoppable, day after day, in the harsh environment of the factory floor. At the same time, end customer demands require companies to consistently provide products and services on accelerated lead times.

This need for utter dependability as well as the ability to turn on a dime is the heart of the challenge facing a maker of precision welding solutions for industrial automation applications. The company’s equipment is used to clean and weld everything from small electronic components to massive, heavy equipment parts.

Robotic welding machinery building product

That product variety creates a highly complex set of parts and configurations that must be consistently available to meet real-time demand, with extended usability after installation. The company must follow highly controlled bills of materials and designs—without exception—in an atmosphere of rapid technology advancement, which requires meticulous product lifecycle planning. All to ensure that investments made in bringing that product to market are maximized by extending the availability and support of the product for years into the future.

Solution: Advanced flexibility and control

Using its engineering expertise and Advantech’s robust set of products, Avnet configures solutions that tightly conform to the customer’s requirements, meeting specifications precisely while avoiding the costs of over-engineered systems. Avnet’s insight into suppliers’ technology roadmaps keeps the customer well ahead of any upcoming changes that would affect availability of system components and support, providing a long runway to validate potential changes to builds.

The extended lifecycle of Advantech’s products based on Intel® processors, combined with rigorous inventory optimization programs from Avnet help ensure that end customer investments in product design and development are maximized by keeping solutions in production as long as possible. Avnet pushes the benefit of supply chain optimization as far as possible, providing kitting and embedded operating systems on a just-in-time basis, leveraging its geographical footprint to reach sites local to the customer’s international final assembly points.

Results: High quality and reduced costs

By eliminating uncertainty in the supply chain and preventing unexpected engineering costs, Avnet provides a solution offering that supports a flexible product portfolio with maximum cost efficiency. Stability on the product pipeline increases quality, reduces support issues and drives up customer satisfaction.

At the same time Avnet helps keep production running smoothly to minimize production times, while also reducing inventory carrying charges and risk. Overall results are a more stable, agile lifecycle at lower overall cost.

Summary of business challenges

  • Stringent production demands: Broad technology requirements on a real-time basis
  • Precise supply requirements: Highly controlled bills of materials and design specifications
  • Long product lifecycle: Extended lifespan and availability of solution components
  • Short lead times: Availability on rapid timeframes
  • Extended geographic support: Local supply for international assembly points

Key capabilities of the solution

  • Just-in-time inventory
  • Direct supplier relationships
  • Enhanced product specifications
  • Last-time-buy support
  • Software loading and configuration
  • Supply logistics and kitting

Key technologies

  • Kyocera Display Solutions
  • Advantech boards
  • Microsoft operating systems
  • Intel® processors

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Download this welding automation use case in PDF.

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