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A leading manufacturer of materials testing and measurement equipment was facing a tight product launch window. They looked to Avnet, Advantech and Intel for the right technologies, engineering expertise and supply chain programs to meet revenue forecasts and exceed customer expectations.

Business challenges in a fast-moving, complex world

When you’re a developer of products designed to test the durability of materials, your products must be as rugged as the materials they’re built to destroy. From automotive to aerospace, this company’s products validate the durability of paint, plastics and metals used in the things we trust to transport us daily.

Its products are powered by embedded computing technologies that must operate under extreme conditions. They must also be built with technologies guaranteed to be available well into the future with transitions planned years in advance.

Modern factory using automated equipment

In addition, this company needs the availability of local support to troubleshoot prototypes and support the product lifecycle to safeguard production timelines. It is under constant pressure to reduce manufacturing lead times and cost containment demands persistent reduction in excess inventory.

Solution: Agility meets forethought

Avnet provides insight into the roadmaps of the products it supplies through a direct, ongoing relationship with Advantech and Intel®. This helps accurately plan for the future as well as plan last-time buys well in advance of when items in the supply chain will reach end-of-life.

Local engineering and technical product support from Advantech helps streamline troubleshooting of prototypes to accelerate the process of entering production with predictable, repeatable results. A just-in-time supply-chain enabled by Avnet delivers flexible, dependable access to Advantech’s broad portfolio of options built on Intel® processing technologies for ruggedized panel PCs—and the customer maintains the fiscal efficiency of low inventory levels.

Avnet also delivers direct benefits to end customers through extended product support and warranty options.

Results: Rapid development, happy customers and lower costs

Avnet has accelerated new product time to revenue, enabling this customer to bring offerings to market more quickly and to meet accelerated release deadlines while staying on budget. At the same time, high-quality, rugged equipment contributes to high levels of customer satisfaction and reduced support costs.

The solution also helps maximize return on investment by keeping the company’s products available in the market for as long as possible, while keeping production processes profitable by reducing inventory-carrying charges and risk.

Summary of business challenges

  • Harsh operating environments: Rigorous demands for ruggedization and extended lifecycle
  • Roadmap insight: Early end-of-life notification for solution building blocks
  • Engineering support: Prototype troubleshooting and production timeline protection
  • Supply chain clarity: Reduced manufacturer lead times and limited inventory risk

Key capabilities of the solution

  • Just-in-time inventory programs
  • Direct supplier relationships
  • Enhanced product specification
  • Last-time-buy support

Key technologies

Embedded systems with touch displays:

  • Advantech panel PCs
  • Advantech boards
  • Intel® processors

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