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To accelerate introduction of new products, a manufacturer of food processing equipment leverages Avnet’s technology expertise complemented by ADLINK and Microsoft technologies. As a result, product development is not only faster, but the customer delivers better quality in terms of both reliability and longevity.

Challenge: Technology to complement customer domain expertise

Manufacturers producing embedded solutions are often challenged by the breadth of technologies they must integrate into their equipment, many of which are outside the scope of their core expertise. More than a distraction, these ancillary concerns can drain vital resources away from the innovation that drives their value-added IP.

In this case, a manufacturer of information systems for food manufacturing, handling and processing has expertise in its mechanical systems and software. Its industrial solutions automate poultry processing facilities, with integrated capabilities across production and back-office operations, from shop floor to inventory and shipping.

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That specialization makes it advantageous to seek a partner with the design expertise and industrial system technology options to optimize product efficiency today, while meeting lifecycle requirements for the future. Plus, all of this must be done with reliability in mind—their equipment must be durable and often require ruggedized computing technologies built to operate in factory settings. As they develop new product lines, the customer also looks for guidance through operating system transitions to support new functionality.

Solution: Guidance that makes products stronger

A deep understanding of the customer’s requirements enables Avnet to make recommendations that facilitate smarter technology selections. To deliver optimal technology direction that places customer needs first, we leverage partnerships with leading technology providers like ADLINK across the industry. This, paired with the access to technology insights and product roadmaps, allows Avnet to provide independent guidance toward the technologies that will best meet the needs of a given solution, all while driving greater quality at the best price point.

Solution designs facilitated by these relationships offer ruggedization and long life, suited to the most demanding food processing environments. In this case, the system had to withstand high pressure water used in cleaning the equipment. ADLINK’s Food series industrial PCs offered an ideal solution for the application environment. With the option of configuration assistance and support for the operating systems these solutions depend on, Avnet also enables agility within transitions to new product generations while still maximizing profitability.

Results: Faster product introductions and higher reliability

Avnet helps this customer achieve faster time to market as well as enhanced reliability from their industrial automation offerings. Because of the insight and roadmaps that drive technology selection, Avnet and the customer ensure that products are powered by technologies best suited to its needs. This all helps the customer optimize development costs and increase quality through the option of hardware and operating system configuration.

As a result, the customer delivers a solution that produces a positive experience for its own customer. At the same time, by leveraging an optimized selection of technologies, the customer helps safeguard long-term viability of its products in the field, minimizing support costs while maximizing the long-term value of its investments in product development.

Summary of business challenges

  • Technology guidance: Systems expertise to complement customer’s solution domain expertise
  • Solution flexibility: Breadth of choice among technologies and providers
  • Harsh operating environments: Rigorous demands for ruggedization and extended lifecycle
  • Operating system support: Guidance through product transitions

Key capabilities of the solution

  • Logistics
  • Direct technology partner relationships
  • Insight into product roadmaps
  • Software expertise

Key technologies

  • ADLINK Food series industrial PC
  • Microsoft embedded operating system licenses

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