Use cases for reliability and longevity

Avnet helps industrial automation providers find the right mix of product longevity and ruggedization for applications that streamline, monitor and control everything from the world’s largest factories to oil refineries to world class manufacturing and testing equipment.

Your customers rely on your products to keep manufacturing lines running and revenue streams flowing. So, you can rely on Avnet to improve reliability with ruggedized computing technologies and next-generation human-machine interaction—without sacrificing flexibility, service or scale.

See how Avnet is streamlining operations for industrial automation companies just like yours:

Mixed Media - Test and Measurement

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Test & measurement

A leading manufacturer of industrial process equipment was facing a tight product launch window. They looked to Avnet and Advantech for the right technologies, engineering expertise and supply chain programs to meet revenue forecasts and exceed customer expectations.

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Modern factory with automated assembly lines

Mixed Media - Welding Automation

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Welding automation

A production line equipment provider improved the efficiency of its supply and manufacturing lifecycle using a solution from Avnet, with technologies from Kyocera and Advantech. As a result, quality is up, costs are down and operations are smoother than ever.

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Robotic welding machines in factory setting

Mixed Media - Process Automation

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Process automation

When an industrial automation manufacturer with global aspirations needed to accelerate lead times and product customization, it turned to Avnet and Kontron. Now, they can confidently deliver the quality and delivery time their customers need for their products: those responsible for powering some of the world’s largest factories.

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Factory assembly lines using robotics

Food processing

To accelerate introduction of new products, a manufacturer of food processing equipment leverages Avnet’s technology expertise complemented by ADLINK and Microsoft technologies. As a result, product development is not only faster, but the customer delivers better quality in terms of both reliability and longevity.

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Soda bottles being filled on modern production line

Mixed Media - Electronics Manufacturing

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Electronics manufacturing

To ensure long-term availability of components for its electronics manufacturing solutions, a customer turned to Avnet for supply chain services as well as servers and displays from Supermicro and IEI. The relationship has provided insight and consistency that safeguard ongoing profitability.

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High-tech electronic component manufacturing equipment

Mixed Media - Smart Agricultural

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Smart agriculture

A smart agricultural equipment provider depends on Avnet and key technology providers for a customized equipment control solution so it can focus on software and equipment development. Custom ruggedized embedded computing and touch displays deliver innovative human-machine interaction on tractors and other agricultural equipment while delivering long life in a punishing environment.

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Large tractor in farm field

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Integrated Solutions RR Dark - SHARED

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Supporting innovation

Avnet Integrated offers complete hardware and software integration to build the optimal solution that fulfills your requirements

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Industrial automation

Improve reliability with ruggedized computing technologies and next-generation human-machine interaction—without sacrificing flexibility, service or scale

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