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Systems to support brilliant solutions

When you partner with Avnet, you can count on embedded systems that support the full range of your applications’ requirements, engineered for longevity in the harshest environments.

Avnet can provide complete functioning embedded systems to drive your applications, meeting the most stringent needs for ruggedization and longevity. You may have difficult to meet functional, performance and financial requirements that are not well suited to off-the-shelf systems. Your solutions may also need to meet complex regulatory requirements related to the industry or geography where they will be deployed. Avnet Integrated Solutions is up to the task.

The application you are working on may have unique, custom requirements, such as for a specific type of display to be incorporated into the system chassis. It’s also common for requirements to include the need for an extended product lifecycle for production and support.

Avnet handles needs such as these for our customers every day. It’s our core expertise to take this type of issue on for you, so you can focus on your core business.

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Relationship to strengthen your brand

Avnet is the right partner to help your company build success for the products currently in your pipeline, as well as those that will follow in the years to come. We invest in strategic partnerships across the industry to ensure we get the best embedded technologies to you on time and on budget.
Our design, testing and manufacturing processes have worst-case conditions in mind for the world’s harshest environments, optimizing products for performance and reliability no matter what. In addition, the speed, creativity and precision of our internal 3D design capabilities make the look and feel of your product an advantage in the marketplace.

And when you are ready to reach into new markets, Avnet can guide your products quickly through the maze of regulatory requirements for specific industries and geographies. We extend those capabilities with global supply chain management, logistics and support, including advance exchange and inventory programs for smooth operations and repair and refurbishment depots that can stabilize your product lines for the long haul.

Predictably best-case outcomes, every time

Uniquely positioned to safeguard your success, Avnet’s franchise relationships with technology partners give you access to direct pricing and roadmap insights. Our investments in design and manufacturing centers of excellence deliver leadership in technically and financially optimized embedded systems.

For example, Avnet routinely performs advanced computer-aided simulations for thermal design of housings and internal components to prevent overheating under specific operating conditions. Avnet‘s experts in specification, assembly and validation of hardware and software technologies can help you meet the demands of individual solutions. The level of specialization we offer in these areas is world-class and beyond the capabilities of most providers.

Automated production of embedded systems at scale enables Avnet customers to meet growth targets anywhere in the world. We augment that capability with services to implement and maintain solutions at customer sites, as well as call centers to support solutions in production, plus repair and replacement facilities. All told, Avnet offers a comprehensive, winning combination of products and services that help safeguard your success.

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Avnet Integrated offers complete hardware and software integration to build the optimal solution that fulfills your requirements

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