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Embedded excellence on display

Avnet simplifies display solutions for visualization, and human-machine interaction, while meeting specialized requirements and delivering complementary services throughout the solution lifecycle.

Whatever display requirements your embedded solution has, look to Avnet as your partner of choice for technical and operational expertise that can deliver optimal off-the-shelf or custom solutions. Perhaps your display needs to be customized to showcase your branding, support a specific user experience or fit a unique form factor. Maybe your application needs an innovative touch interface for user interaction and control. Or maybe the display needs robust protection from spills, environmental factors or vandalism.

For all these circumstances and many others, Avnet Integrated Solutions has the experience and facilities to exceed your expectations and your solution’s requirements. And if you are struggling with the investment in additional resources to support on-site installation, service and support, Avnet has those needs covered as well. We can relieve you of the burdens of investing in such ancillary requirements, so you can apply resources to core business activities without sacrificing in the areas of customer service and satisfaction.

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Partnership you can depend on

Identifying the right display technologies and components may be vital to the success of your product, but it is likely outside your scope of expertise. You need to stay focused on your product and your business, after all, without adding additional complexity or overhead. Fortunately, Avnet is ready, willing and able to partner with you as the resource to assure that your solution has all of the display capabilities it needs to succeed—without sacrificing flexibility or profitability in your business operations.

In addition to its rarified engineering experience in display engineering, Avnet offers you the benefit of its technology partnerships, production capabilities and service offerings. Based on your unique requirements for performance and other factors, we work with you to balance user experience, time-to-market requirements and cost for the perfect solution. Our relationships with top technology partners ensure you get the latest technology as well as insight into future roadmaps.

We also work with you to build and integrate the most capable human-machine interaction mechanisms possible. Based solidly in industry standards and conforming to relevant regulations, these factors are a key area where your solution can shine beyond your competition. Avnet will also help protect the user interface and embedded system from harsh factors such as shake, shock, dust and moisture.

The right expertise for the long haul

Avnet Integrated Solutions offers unparalleled expertise and capabilities in touchscreen integration. We have the ability to source and customize displays with favorable pricing and timelines compared to industry averages, even when you compare our custom solutions to off-the-shelf options from competitors. We can manufacture and enhance displays to any requirements you need, including integration of custom chassis, cover lenses and optical treatments.

Extending product and service availability anywhere in the world is also part of the core Avnet value proposition. Wherever you operate or want to expand operations to, Avnet is ready to support you. That includes expediting regulatory approvals globally, as well as worldwide providing installation, maintenance, service and support.

Avnet is your ideal partner to align your display capabilities and user experience with the unique business needs of your solution. We bring experience to bear in this area across market segments, including industrial automation, medical devices, security, entertainment, retail and transportation.

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