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Custom Solutions: Capabilities

Custom solutions without headaches

When off-the-shelf embedded solutions aren’t up to the challenge, Avnet can produce custom alternatives to meet precise requirements, including complete design, manufacturing and integration services.

Avnet has the building blocks, expertise and facilities to build custom solutions for your embedded applications. When the right mix of functional or performance requirements can’t be met with off-the shelf solutions, we offer a path forward. When technical or financial roadblocks arise that conventional technologies can’t address, custom solutions from Avnet Integrated Solutions can often resolve them.

You may need a custom form factor for a specific use case. Harsh environments where your solutions will operate may threaten its ability to function reliably. Applications may be challenged by regulatory requirements in new industries or geographic regions. Requirements for extended product lifecycles for production and support may be a challenge. In these cases, you should consider how custom solutions from Avnet may be the answer.

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Robust, simplified path to flexibility

Custom hardware offered by Avnet is designed, tested, manufactured and supported to get your solutions to market faster and more cost effectively. These can include modified versions of off-the-shelf embedded boards, displays and systems, or they may be fully custom solutions built from the ground up. In either case, they can meet the needs of unique use cases and situations that improve the flexibility of your solutions to meet diverse and specialized needs.
Experienced computer-aided designers at Avnet have world-class abilities to tailor your solution’s look and feel to fit into deployment constraints or stand out from the competition. Avnet’s strong relationships with technology partners ensure you get the latest technology and industrial components—as well as the longest possible availability. Beyond that, extending the life of your solutions is in our DNA. That means keeping products in production as long as possible to maximize your investment in development, and it also means ensuring that they can stand up to harsh conditions for long life in operation.

Our investments in custom engineering and manufacturing can help accelerate your path to product. Whether the challenge is custom development of BIOS and board support packages or simulation of thermal, signal and functional properties, this support by Avnet helps you focus on your business, accelerating operations and increasing profitability.

The ideal provider for current and future needs

Avnet has vast experience in rarified fields of work that support our ability to create unique customized solutions. Our engineers are ready to immerse themselves in writing and modifying firmware instructions to meet specialized needs, for example. And we have engineering centers of excellence that are capable of validating those custom solutions against your specific thermal, technical and performance requirements. We can also create custom plastic or metal housings to meet novel form factor needs.

We maintain highly automated manufacturing facilities to produce these custom solutions at scale, delivering them on a just-in-time basis anywhere in the world. As part of that distribution chain, we also specialize in burn-in, testing and installation of the solutions according to your specifications. Our advance exchange and inventory programs ensure your product gets out the door quickly, as soon as a need arises.

After the solution is in place at your end customer site, Avnet provides custom maintenance and support by phone and in person through local facilities all over the world, including depot repair, refurbishment and recycling as needed. As you expand and scale your solutions to new industries and geographies, Avnet stands ready to support that as well. Our success lies in safeguarding yours.

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