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Services to get your integrated solution to market faster

Getting your solution to market quickly and efficiently is critical for your success. The Avnet team solves for any gaps in your delivery process with our proven service options. Services cover every phase of your product lifecycle, from design through fulfillment and support. Working together, we’ll make sure you achieve your goals and deliver exceptional products to your customers.

End to end services compliment your existing resources

When your focus is on your application and hardware is the delivery mechanism, investing time and effort around support can cause you delays. Here are some of the ways Avnet is prepared to take this challenge out of the equation.

  • Design Consultation: The first step of the process is to get into the details of your strategy and the specifics around your application. Our system engineers have in-depth knowledge of processor architectures and the different types of available integrated solution options. We’ll match your solution to the right option among converged systems, hyper-converged systems or dedicated appliances. Our team will explain the benefits around our recommendations you can make the most informed decision.
  • Integration: Once a course has been chartered, our system engineers engage our integration engineers to create detailed build instructions to your exact specification. Our global, ISO certified integration centers are on a common system so these instructions are accessible by all to ensure consistency and quality. We’ll also show you different ways we can install your software image and any security features you’ve developed.
  • Test and Certification: Avnet will perform or coordinate functional testing on the full solution based on your requirements. If you want additional testing performed, such as environmental, we’ll take care of that as well. We also can take your product through regulatory certification to ensure compliance with any local standards around the world.
  • Customization: If you want your brand to stand out when your product is in the field, Avnet delivers customization for both the physical unit and packaging. We cover everything from adding your logo to the bezel to painting your rack with an eye catching design. Customers will know it’s your brand just by looking.
  • Supply-Chain: Avnet’s supply-chain specialists will design a solution in support of your revenue objectives and service level agreements. Our team is focused on delivering excellent results for your bottom line. When the product is ready to ship, Avnet will execute the fulfillment process for you leveraging our global reach and scale.
  • Installation: To give your customers an excellent out of the box experience and eliminate any potential issues related to getting the product up and running, Avnet offers a team of highly trained technical installers. Your customers will appreciate their professionalism and ability to get the system working in their data center quickly and seamlessly.
  • Call Center and Warranty Support: Your customer’s experience continues after the product is installed and from time to time they may need additional support. Avnet is ready to answer the call with call center resources to address technical questions and warranty claims. Your customer won’t know that Avnet is on the line but will be delighted with the support they get.
  • Recycling and Asset Reclamation: Once your product has reached the end of its service life, Avnet will take care of removal, disposal and erasing the drives. We do this in an environmentally friendly way and follow rigid guidelines to protect Intellectual Property (IP) and privacy.

All of Avnet’s services can be accessed as individual components or a bundled manner. You decide what’s best for your business and we’ll take it from there. To learn more, contact your local Avnet Embedded representative or complete this form and we’ll connect with you.

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Avnet Integrated offers complete hardware and software integration to build the optimal solution that fulfills your requirements

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The Avnet team is right there with you. We speak your language across telecommunications, networking, unified communications and content distribution.



There is an exciting resurgence of investment and innovation around industrial equipment and infrastructure happening right now.




Servers are at the heart of your embedded system whether it’s driving an operational technology appliance or data center infrastructure.

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Enclosures and Peripherals

We’ll incorporate the enclosure into your overall design and business strategy so you achieve your objectives.