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EPCOS SAW devices by TDK

TDK simplifies your choice by breaking through the decision maze with superior product and application guidance.  EPCOS SAW devices are an ideal match for every Wireless RF application.

SAW filters for wireless connectivity applications

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters provide a filtering function for RF signals at defined frequencies. By using SAW filters, interferers can be suppressed and the sensitivity and reliability of receivers can be enhanced. In transmitting systems, SAW filters provide suppression of unwanted emissions and help fulfil international standards such as FCC or ETSI.

EPCOS brand RF / SAW filters provide a large breadth of devices, including sub GHz unlicensed bands ISM, 2.4GHz, and cellular, telematics and IoT discrete filters, duplexers, and modules.

SAW for RF Control Systems


Part Numbers


Wireless connectivity portfolio

Classic connectivity applications include 2.4GHz Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), Bluetooth/BLE, and Zigbee. TDK offers a wide portfolio of 2.4GHz filters, including filters to assure LTE co-existence (e.g. Band 7, Bands 40/41).

Sub GHz connectivity applications are growing, especially in the Industrial IoT market.  Applications Standards include Z- Wave, Zigbee, and HaLOW (sub GHz WLAN). As these are geared for the industrial and automotive markets, components are required to operate at extended temperature and for automotive they are required to be AEC- Q200 compliant. EPCOS has the largest industrial grade temperature and AEC-Q200 qualified SAW and BAW filter portfolio in the industry!


Highlight product: Wide Band - 3588

  • Sub GHz LPWAN
  • 2.4GHz spectrum (e.g. 802.11)
  • Cellular IoT

Key Industry/Industries:

  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Home Automation and Security
  • Medical

Focus Market Segments:

  • Connected Car
  • Connected Home
  • Smart Grid (Smart Meter)
  • Smart Medical


  • AEC-Q200 Compliant
  • Designed for spectrum challenging applications (higher frequencies, coexistence)
  • Highest quality material for better performance and frequencies
  • Small packaging (footprints as small as 1.1 x 0.9mm)
  • Center Frequencies matched to the IoT spectrum (433MHz to 5.9GHz)
  • Highly skilled design engineering capabilities

Wireless Connectivity Spectrum part numbers


sub GHz (869MHz) part numbers


sub GHz (915MHz) part numbers


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EPCOS (TDK) SAW filters

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters provide a filtering function for RF signals at defined frequencies.

Wireless solutions

Avnet has a broad offering of wireless modules and components, developers can turn to Avnet for support when building wireless technology into their application.