MSC is offering various cooling devices for its Computer-on Modules portfolio. Among these are different heatspreaders, passive heatsinks and a selection of active heatsinks with speed-controlled low-noise fans. These off-the-shelf cooling solutions have been optimized in many ways using thermal simulation and intensive climate chamber testing.

MSC offers cost-efficient monolithic aluminium coolers without extra heat transfer layers, minimized heat resistance and industry proven fans. In comparative tests of the cooling performance, these solutions have shown better results than more complex and expensive solutions on the market. For high-volume applications, MSC is offering the design of custom cooling solutions optimized for specific requirements.

MSC performs thermal simulations prior to producing cooling solutions in hardware. This ensures that all requirements will be considered and that the result will perform near the theoretical optimium. MSC provides thermal consulting as a service to its customers helping to ensure that the resulting cooling solutio ns will be adequate on the system basis.

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