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Avnet Integrated has evolved as a global brand in the field of ‘Industrial Visual Solutions’  Over many decades we have built our expertise working with well-known end equipment makers and market leading display manufactures, serving a diverse range of Industrial application.

Our global reach has enable Avnet Integrated to become one of the world’s leading consumers of Industrial grade TFT’s, Touch panels and integrated services,  directly benefiting our customers on a daily basis.

Our in-house display, touch and Integration experts are involved in a range of designs from display only requirements through to the most challenging system ideas…. with ultimately the same end goal, efficient development, high quality material adoption, finally delivering a highly competitive product to our customers.


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Avnet Integrated manage a world class portfolio of market leading display brands. Industrial displays, semi-Industrial and consumer grade options. Our long standing supplier partnerships ensure we have a deep insight into their manufacturing, quality control, material sourcing and aftermarket care.

Ensuring the correct display selection is a critical step to having a successful design, product launch and life cycle management. Avnet Integrated being one of the world’s largest consumers of Industrial grade displays can share our knowledge on the merits and demerits of the vast choices available in the market today such as:

Passive / TFT / PMOLED / AMOLED / Free-Form / QD-Enhanced / MIP and many more off-the-shelf options including customisation. 



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Avnet Integrated offers a comprehensive range of high-quality touchscreens, including special coating options which can be adapted to meet a range of application environments.

In addition to the products from our market leading suppliers, Avnet Integrated offers its own brand Simple-Touch, a self-developed nano-silver based projected capacitive touch (referred to as PCT or PCAP) Our engineers can support on-site or remote calibration [tuning] for a range of leading touch controller ic’s including our own brand Simple-Touch.

Our team of touch experts are available to help ‘guide/troubleshoot’ on the maze of headaches relating to achieving a robust grounding design, managing false touch conditions, EMI certification, OS compatibility and much more.

Touch Displays & Mechanical Integration

Avnet Integrated's SimplePlus Displays

Avnet Integrated has introduced a new agile product range ‘SimplePlus’  SimplePlus is an off-the-shelf range of LCD & Touch assemblies ready for delivery within 48hs. We also carry on-stock at our integration facility [Asia] a wide range of configurable materials ready for delivery ex-factory with-in 2 week of ordering. This reduction in lead time ensures a more timely and cost effective end product.

Together with your project team, our expert  ‘ Touch & Display ‘  system engineers will share their insights, experience and innovation ideas resulting from an extensive design base - ranging from: Marine, Military, Medical, Industrial Control, Agriculture, Home appliance and many more.



Worker in a production facility using a touch screen machine

Avnet Integrated’s world-class integration facilities allow specific display assemblies to be designed, developed, tested and manufactured on behalf of our customer.

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One of the reasons so many of our customers return to Avnet Integrated is because we have the capability to draw on our many years of design, integration and manufacturing experience. Avnet Integrated can guide you through the ever increasing choices in the market, ranging from the LCD selection, cover lens design, Optical & film enhancements, surface treatments, Touch sensor - FPC design, optical bonding  as well as mechanical integration.

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