Working closely with manufacturers to provide the best solutions

Avnet Integrated is a leading partner and supplier of all key manufacturers.  Avnet Integrated works closely with manufacturers to provide customers with the best hardware and software components for their solution.

Avnet Integrated’s engineering expertise, combined with its longstanding relationships with manufacturers, allows it to cater perfectly to customers’ requirements.


Avnet Integrated supplies off-the-shelf products from its suppliers in quantities suitable to the needs of the customer. Simple data center products or compute components can be supplied as-is.

Modified off-the-shelf

Avnet Integrated procures standard components from manufacturers and combines them or makes simple modifications before delivery to the customer. This can include OEM re-badging, memory or processor modifications, or custom bezels.


Avnet Integrated specialises in building solutions to perfectly suit the specific application for the customer, using components from various manufacturers. Examples of this include: custom server configurations, specific display and touch combinations, and ruggedized embedded compute modules.

Bespoke Component Manufacture

Avnet Integrated provides bespoke design and manufacturing services for customers with specific product challenges. With state-of-the-art design centers and manufacturing lines worldwide, Avnet Integrated can integrate custom component manufacture and supply into a customer’s production process. Avnet Integrated’s bespoke design services include bespoke embedded compute design, heat management, bespoke display-touch bonding and embedded system design.

Avnet Integrated supplies these components to a customer’s production line, ready to be incorporated into the final product or shipped to the end user.

Below are some of Avnet Integrated’s key manufacturing partners.

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