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For years, Avnet has set the world standard for helping designers integrate interconnect products into their products for end-market applications including Aerospace and Defense, Energy, Networking, Storage, Communications, Industrial and Transportation.

Our robust inventory—featuring the leading technology suppliers in the industry—coupled with design tools and value-added services allow us to provide unparalleled support for your innovations. And with the help of our interconnect experts, every connection in your system will enable peak performance, even in the toughest of environmental conditions.

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Products connecting every layer across all markets

Whether you are designing a board, integrating an embedded appliance or looking to connect servers Avnet has products for every layer of connection in your system. . We do it all: from sockets for chips and modules, to high-speed backplane connectors, from board-to-board communications to mil-spec and space-grade connectors, Avnet has it all. Need an even higher level of integration? Avnet can build your cable assemblies too. Our interconnect offering includes:  


As the leading partner and authorized source for the world leaders in supplying interconnect technology, Avnet has deep connections with the product lines at each company. We’ll bring you the latest innovations first and make sure your specific needs are a priority at the factory.

Our expertise goes beyond the technical side. We’ll work closely with your production planners and schedulers to have the order pipelines in place to support your delivery requirements. Our product management team has decades of experience positioning the inventory you need to hit your market objectives.

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Tools and services to build your connections

Avnet’s interconnect experts guide developers to the right solution by taking a system level approach to the design process. Our understanding of your application, market requirements and component and board strategy allows us to make recommendations that fit perfectly.

If you’re designing at the component level with processors, programmable logic and memory, we’ll help you get better signal density with little interference from noise or other factors. If you’re going the route of System-on-Module (SoM), single board computer or server, we’ll integrate high speed connections with a tight fit to maintain the signal flow.

To save you time and effort, you’ll also have access to our block diagrams, reference designs, and product selection guides—matched to your complementary technology. Avnet has also created a variety of fully integrated development platforms that enable you to test connections with the rest of your system components.

When it’s time to build your product, you’ll appreciate Avnet’s ISO certified connector and cable assembly value-added centers. Our connector-and-cable assembly centers will assemble and build your standard or custom connector or cable sub-assemblies saving you from having to invest in the capital equipment to build them in-house. We’ve earned a reputation for delivering high quality, low total cost of ownership and best-in-class customer service by paying attention to detail and exceeding your expectations. In addition to our assembly services, we also offer custom marking and full testing services to give you a one stop shop experience.

Avnet’s interconnect experts have put the pieces together for countless OEMs and contract manufacturers. And we’re ready to do it for you. Get started today by contacting your local Avnet expert. Check the office locations of our EMEA business units.


Nano-Fit™ power connectors

Nano-Fit™ Power Connectors deliver both fully protected header terminals and a small package.

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TE Connectivity

High performance Cat7 rail data cables

TE's Cat7 high performance data cables for railway Ethernet reach data rates up to 10Gbps, expanding design capabilities into broader bandwidth applications.

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