Single Board Computers

Optimum Performance in all Shapes and Sizes

You’ve integrated a higher degree of computing power in some of the most interesting places. It’s incredible to see this happening across healthcare, industrial, automotive and the defense applications. Deciding which features to include is almost like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. When you work with Avnet Embedded, you have a partner who’s with you from start to finish and whose experience helps you fit the pieces into a clear picture.


Balancing Processing and Power - Body 2

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Balancing Processing and Power to Fit Your Vision

You start by considering the trade-offs between the speed and functionality needed from your processor and the power it’ll take to operate. If this is out of balance, your system either underperforms or takes more power than is acceptable.

We take the time to cover the benefits and options between the major processor architectures, ARM® and x86, and how they will perform with your code. Since we offer single board computers (SBC) in both flavors you’re never limited when you work with us.

You want a partner who understands the environment where your product will operate. Our experience across all market segments means we know what it takes to be successful. We’ve assisted designers in getting the most out of a battery powered appliance as well as engineers leveraging streaming video for a highly interactive experience for their customers.

Single Board Computer

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An Option for Every Industry Standard

It’s important for your solution to be interoperable with other components in the environment. The key to interoperability is aligning with industry standards, especially when it comes to form factors. When you need different sized SBCs for your unique applications, Avnet has stock that fits. We work directly with the companies shaping the standards and keep you in the know as you plan your roadmap.

Avnet also offers the MSC Technology brand of single board computers designed for specific end markets. These boards are available in every popular industry standard form factor and have been intentionally designed to harmonize size, power and performance. You can view the complete MSC offering here.

Add-on Modules

Your embedded system has been designed with a specific purpose and the right set of peripherals will make it happen.

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System on Module

Avnet has developed a robust offering of System-on-Modules (SoM). Our SoM devices are available in the most popular architectures and different form factors.

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Wireless Modules

The wireless experts at Avnet will work with you to make sure your connected application is interoperable with the overall environment and connected from end to end.

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Avnet Embedded Delivers the Complete Solution - Body 4

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Avnet Embedded Delivers the Complete Solution

Flexible and robust options for your SBC are great, but you’ll want to work with a partner that has the rest of the products and services you need. You don’t have to look any further than Avnet Embedded to complete the job. We offer all of the embedded products you’d want including:

  • Visual solutions
  • Software and Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Memory & storage
  • Enclosures

Our services include integration, regulatory approvals and support after your product is in the field. You can learn more about our products and services to see how Avnet Embedded is your one-stop shop for all your embedded computing requirements.


Making all the Right Connections - Body 5

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Making all the Right Connections

You know the experience you want your customers to have, the one that keeps them loyal to your product. To your customer, what’s happening behind the scenes in your product is not important, its results that matter. You know that results depend on the overall flow of the system. We get it and provide different combinations of input/output (I/O) and connectivity modes so everything flows smoothly.

Take Bluetooth™ for example. There are a number of Bluetooth standards and picking the right one is important to ensure interoperability and the best experience. Working with Avnet means you know which standard to choose and why. This is the same approach we take across all of the available standards. We don’t limit you, we empower you.

You can choose from among different video connections, general purpose I/O, USB and other interfaces. This opens the door for you to extend your offering with accessories or to create an innovative product to add into an established system such as a mobile medical device that can connect to the hospital infrastructure via a wireless connection.

To learn more about your options and find one that best fits your exact configuration, visit our online catalog, or fill out this form and we will get back to you shortly.

Avnet Single Board Computer

Hardware Integration and Software Configuration - Grid

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Hardware integration & software configuration

We’ve shown you how to make your vision into a product the market will demand, now it's time to build it.

Hardware integration, software configuration

Software - Technologies - Grid

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Navigating through the layers of the software stack to make this happen requires a partner that understands all software components.


Visual solutions

We’ve assisted thousands of customers to make their display the centerpiece of their application and our experts are ready to do the same for you.

Memory and Storage - Technologies - Grid

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Memory and Storage

We know that not having the right memory and storage options ready when you need them is frustrating to you. Avnet takes the guess work out of designing in the right memory and storage solution.

Memory and Storage