Add-on Modules Add Functionality to Your Design

Your embedded system has been designed with a specific purpose and the right set of peripherals will make it happen. Working with Avnet Embedded gives you access to a full range of add-on modules, providing functionality for connectivity, data acquisition, memory or enhanced graphics. Our team will use their experience and market knowledge to guide you to the right combination of add-on modules that deliver the required performance and fit for your system.


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A System Level Approach to Product Selection

As you work with Avnet Embedded’s system engineering team, you’ll quickly see why they’re considered the best of the best. They dig deep into understanding the specifics of your system, any constraints such as form factor or budget and your strategy for differentiating your product in the market.

From there they’ll show you different options that align with your goals. Avnet Embedded’s add-on module offering includes:


You’ll never have to wonder if your system’s add-on module is authentic, because Avnet is an authorized source for every product we offer. Our close relationship with the factories also mean we can position inventory to support your delivery schedules. When you engage our supply-chain services as well, you’ll deliver incredible service with a low total cost of ownership.

From a technical standpoint, we work closely with the suppliers of these add-on module to bring you the latest innovations first. Having early access means you’ll be shipping the most advanced embedded systems while your competition is still in development.

Our team adds additional value through their ability to assist you with drivers and other software components. These tie the add-on modules, processing engine and peripherals, like visual solutions, together into a fully integrated solution.

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Single Board Computers - Right

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Single Board Computers

Working with Avnet Embedded, you have a partner who’s with you from start to finish and whose experience helps fit the pieces into a clear picture.

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System on Module

Avnet has developed a robust offering of System-on-Modules (SoM). Our SoM devices are available in the most popular architectures and different form factors.

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Wireless Modules

The wireless experts at Avnet will work with you to make sure your connected application is interoperable with the overall environment and connected from end to end.

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Services to Pull Everything Together and Get You to Market

We’re not done until you’re done and you’re not done until everything is integrated and in your customer’s hands. Avnet Embedded’s services compliment your own resources and extend your capabilities in a seamless and efficient manner. Our attention to detail and high quality standards will result in high customer satisfaction and brand loyalty for your product offering.

Avnet Embedded’s ISO certified integration centers will create your product to your exact specifications. We follow a disciplined, document build instruction process which we’ll review with you and gain your approval before the production starts. The same holds true for bill of materials (BOM) control so you’ll never be surprised by what you find inside your embedded system.

Avnet’s integration centers are located in every global region giving you incredible reach into any market you’re targeting. Our integration centers share a common system so build instructions, BOM changes and order specific instructions are shared and current no matter which center is working on your design.

Once your system is built, we provide services to fulfill orders to your customer or your channel partners. If you need support getting your embedded system installed at your end customer, we have professionally trained technicians who will do the job for you.

While your product is in service in the field, you can look to Avnet to act as your call center for technical support and warranty claims. You can use our resources for level one and level two technical support, freeing up your resources to focus on developing the next generation of your application.

Once your product has reached the end of its service life, Avnet will handle the recovery and recycling process for you in an environmentally friendly manner.

Add-on modules provides the vehicles for delivering functionality to your embedded system. Avnet Embedded will get you to the finish line through our design and support services. To get started, contact your local Avnet Embedded expert or complete this form and we’ll be in touch with you right away.


Hardware Integration and Software Configuration - Grid

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Hardware integration & software configuration

We’ve shown you how to make your vision into a product the market will demand, now it's time to build it.

Hardware integration, software configuration

Laird and LSR Wireless Solutions - Grid

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Technical Solutions

Laird & LSR Wireless Solutions

Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, Zigbee, and both Enterprise- and Professional-Series Wi-Fi solutions



Servers are at the heart of your embedded system whether it’s driving an operational technology appliance or data center infrastructure.

Server, server technology


Single Board Computers

You’ve integrated a higher degree of computing power in some of the most interesting places.