Automating industrial efficiency

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An exciting resurgence of investment and innovation in industrial equipment and infrastructure is happening now. Ready to be a part of it? Your vision becomes a reality when you have a partner, like Avnet, whose expertise around interoperability, security, and connectivity, can make your vision a reality, faster.

With Avnet, you’ll get the best balance of precision and rugged, long-life performance, sharing technology options to find the best fit for your application. We cover all of the bases for designing, building and getting your industrial application to market. Let us put our experience developing long life applications to work for you.

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  • Building a custom appliance? Our field applications engineers (FAE) are factory certified in every technology.
  • Looking to deliver your Intellectual Property (IP) via software or an app? Our system engineers (SE) can help create a fully integrated hardware appliance and tie in services to collect royalties on your behalf.
  • Delivering a service to your end customer? Avnet can help you get your solution to market with cloud services such as remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.
Industrial technology components

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Avnet & Xilinx

MicroZed Industrial IoT Starter Kit

The MicroZed Industrial IoT Starter Kit supports designers’ edge-to-cloud development of Internet-connected solutions.

Development kits and services get you there fast

You need a partner that does more than talk in general terms about ‘industrial’. Avnet gets specific based on our experience with every industrial segment.  You need the right tools to get the job done.

Industry 4.0, Smart Cities and Clean Energy are just some of the segments creating a buzz in the industrial space. Creating a solution is one thing, getting it to market quickly can mean the difference between success and failure. Avnet offers tools to speed the development process, including:

  • Development Kits: Development kits created by Avnet start with an end market in mind and greatly reduce time to market.
  • Embedded Vision: Our embedded vision tools are versatile whether you’re creating a machine vision application for factory automation, a monitoring system for a smart parking garage, or using video analytics for environmental control in a commercial building.
  • IoT Starter Kit: The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the single largest driver behind the latest industrial revolution. Understanding how to pull distinct technologies together in an interoperable manner is where Avnet really shines. Our Industrial IoT Starter Kit was recently recognized by Electronic Design News (EDN) as one of the Hot 100 Products for 2016.

Our design ecosystem also includes partners whose areas of specialization cover hardware and software development. You can use these resources to complement your own team to fill skill gaps or take on short term projects so your engineers can focus on creating the features that differentiate you in the market.

Industrial grade products for industrial environments

Avnet understands and stocks semiconductors, interconnects, passives and embedded computing boards and modules designed to withstand adverse conditions. These products frequently are on a seven- to 10-year lifecycle roadmap to eliminate disruptions in your supply-chain or the need to support different versions of equipment in the field.

When you need subassemblies and product integration, Avnet has you covered there as well. We build and stock industrial connectors at our ISO certified assembly centers, building to your exact specifications. We also coordinate testing for shock, vibration and exposure to the elements. Our end-to-end experience ensures your products perform wherever they are used.

Avnet has supported the major industrial OEMs for decades and helps emerging start-ups successfully capitalize on the industrial market. Our people have the experience, our tools help you get the job done efficiently and our offering is rugged enough to last no matter what the conditions are. 


Supply Chain Solutions

Our services and solutions have been developed specifically to reduce costs, streamline materials management processes, and improve information flows between Avnet and its customers.

Kits & Tools

Development Kits

When you’re designing a new product or solution, the best way to see how your system will perform is by using a tool that integrates all of your key features.


Internet of Things

Avnet brings you every technology and service element you’ll need for success with IoT.

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